Pikmin 5: Xbox360 Game Play

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Pikmin 5: Xbox360 Game Play
Rating Everyone 10+
Genre ???
Platforms ???
Media ???
Publisher Pikmin Fanon Incorporated
Prequel ???
Sequel ???
Creator Cayden9800
Collaborators Editing: Cheepy-Cheepy


The President of Hocotate contacts Olimar, Louie, Alph, Brittany, and Captain Charlie. He tells them that something unusual has infected PNF-909 and tells them to gather Pikmin from PNF-404. The gang heads towards PNF-909 but unfortunately get hit by a supernova that nearly kills them all. Luckily, they were wearing very dense, protective suits. The group was separated from the crash-landing, however, and must reunite.

The game is first played as Olimar to discover mechanized Bulborbs, among many other organisms similar to the enemies encountered in Pikmin Adventure. He gathers a group of Pikmin and attacks. They destroy the metal covering to find that it was only armor. Olimar quickly scribbles down a note. While h is distracted, he becomes surrounded by multiple enemies. They carry him to the King of Bugs, Louie, and later Alph. They meet and later find Brittany and Captain Charlie.



Story Mode: Experience the single-player campaign of the game. The first playthrough grants access to the areas Awakening Woods, Forest Of Doom, and Volcanic Volcano. On the second playthrough of this mode, the areas Formidable Oak and Fall Feast become accessable.

Mission Mode: Mission Mode enables the player to battle enemies, collect treasures, and defeat bosses.

Boss Rush: Defeat bosses as quickly as possible. Pikmin needed for the fight will be available. New bosses are added as soon as they are defeated in Story Mode.

Bingo Battle: Up to three players battle each other on a bingo board, and players may choose their characters.

Mech Mode: Fight enemies from the safety of a large robot to defeat them.