Pikmin 5 (Starfox7G version)

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Pikmin 5 (Starfox7G version)
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For other versions of Pikmin 5, see Pikmin 5.
Pikmin 5
Rating E for Everyone
Genre Real-time strategy
Platforms Switch
Media N/A
Publisher Pikmin Fanon
Release dates N/A
Prequel Pikmin 4
Sequel Pikmin 6
Creator Starfox7G
Collaborators Caleb

Pikmin 5 is a fan-made game by Starfox7G. It is a direct sequel to Pikmin 4 and follows the continuity that Pikmin 4 is a retelling of Pikmin 1 and 2. Pikmin 5 will be a retelling of Pikmin 3 in a similar manner. The Rescue Corps gets an emergency call from PNF-404 once again, this time coming from an S. S. Drake piloted by three Koppaites. The player will venture back, either as a Rookie on the job or a returning Cadet, to rescue the stranded Koppaites and bring home any other castaways. The gameplay of Pikmin 5 is similar to that of Pikmin 4, though not exact. Ranging from all new night missions, new pets to explore with, new Pikmin types, and new (and returning) locations.


Prologue + Tutorial

As New Game Starts, the player is greeted with the view of a large silver ship blasting through space, as it flies by the camera the words “S.S. DRAKE” are read along the side. Suddenly, alarms begin going off and the player watch smoke begin puffing from the ship. The top half and the bottom of the half ship spark, puff, then finally explode apart, shooting down towards the planet’s atmosphere below. The player awaken as Brittany, a Koppaite on a mission to collect seeds from this planet to save her planet from a food shortage. She’s alone on the planet, not landing in the same spot as her crewmates Alph and Charlie. Up ahead from where she landed, Brittany finds a Space Cat, fighting its way out of a quicksand pit as 5 Red Pikmin trying to help it out. As she whistles onto them, the Red Pikmin jump to attention and an introductory scene for Reds plays. The scene then cuts to the cat reacting to the whistle, quickly finding a way to wiggle and jump out of the sand pit. It hops and slowly steps around, sniffing Brittany, before purring and cuddling up on her. Brittany is relived to find a furry friend and promptly gives it a name, Nekatchi. The player gets a short tutorial piece as they travel through this linear desert path to teach them about both Red Pikmin abilities, as well as Nekatchi’s abilities. At the end, Brittany finds the top part of the ship, she says it’ll be good enough to use as shelter over the nights, she wonders how she’ll find her crewmates. The Red Pikmin, Brittany, and Nekatchi crawl into the ship as the scene ends. The next thing scene is of the planet once more, the clouds slowly shifting, then an alarm shows up over the visual. A message from Shepherd, “EMERGENCY RESCUE!” The screen fades to black, prompting a custom character creator, or the player's previous captain from Pikmin 4 with the options to change how they look. After this, the camera returns to where it left off, before panning back and showing the view was from the window of the player's very own Rescue Corp ship. It’s the Cadet and Oatchi as a hologram of Shepherd appears. She informs the player of the mission, three Koppaites crashed on PNF-404, and they need the Rescue Corps help! As Shepherd is telling their plight, the hologram cuts out. The ship begins sending our alarms, it's not crashing, but it seems something is pulling the ship in. The rockets can’t fight as the ship begins drifting towards the planet. The next scene is the small ship dropping towards a very tall and large trees, as soon as it hits the first branch, the window pops up, and the player sees Oatchi gripping onto the ship, however another branch hits and Oatchi flies out into the distance. The camera quickly gets covered in leaves as the ship bangs around the branches a few more times.

Day 1, Merriment Heights

The next scene is the ship, tied up in vines, before pulling across giving the player a little lay of land, finding a spot further away to stop as the character hits one more branch, before landing in the area. The area seems to be the nook of the top of the tree, where the top most branches expand out. Able to see the Rescue Crop Ship in the distance. Here, the player is introduced to some nearby Vine Pikmin, who are swinging and hanging about. The ship is too high up, but when throwing the 5 Vine Pikmin at the ship, they land below it, their stems stretching up and grabbing the ship to pull it down. The player continues exploring the rest of the area, finding 10 more Vine Pikmin along the way. The player finds a branch behind where they landed that can be pulled down by 15 Vine Pikmin, the branch topples down allowing a path into a hole on a nearby tree. In here the player finds the Green Vine Onion, tied up in vines, it’s legs attempting to wiggle free from it’s interior. It takes 10 Vine Pikmin to pull down the ship. There’s enough pellet poseys around to get 25 total Vine Pikmin, however without any Flarlic, the max on the field is 20. After the player heads over to a Leaf Wall and open it with 10 Vine Pikmin, they will get a notification for a call from Shepherd. She’s grateful to hear the Cadet is okay, she was afraid they were going to have to send ANOTHER Rescue Corp. She notifies that she’s got some readings from the ship, there’s another ship nearby, possibly the Koppaites? The player pushes forward and find a chamber, the camera pulls to show the bottom half of the S. S. Drake and an unconscious captain. Shepherd informs the player that it matches the description of one of the missing Koppaites, Alph! But then, the tree shakes, and rumbles. From above, the top of the hollow is dark, and then a large mushroom creatures slams into the arena. The player is introduced to the Spore Soaker and take battle. Afterwards, Alph awakens by turning off his suit’s sleep protocol, waking him up. He’s confused, then worried, then stressed, then relieved to see that the Rescue Corps is here to save the day. He tells the player that his ship must’ve broken apart in the crash landing, however Alph has a great idea. He’s a handyman himself and bets he can combine the bottom half of the S. S. Drake with the Rescue Corps Ship. The scene changes, and Alph has handily attached the ships together as the sun is setting. Shepherd pipes up and congratulates the teamwork, and is impressed with the upgrade to the ship. She informs the player of the end of the day and regrets to say they’ll have to head up to the lower atmosphere for the night, leaving Oatchi behind. She assures that he’s a tough pup and he’ll be fine. The castaways leave the surface, creatures crawling out of the woodworks, literally, as the ship flies off with the Green Onion. Once in the safety of the lower atmosphere and with a newly powered ship, Alph spots a new landing zone over by the Sahara Of Solitude.

Day 2, Sahara of Solitude Base Camp

The player lands in a small area with makeshift walls set up and the top of the S. S. Drake! As the player hops out of the ship they get contacted by Shepherd. She informs the player that she’s getting readings of Brittany nearby. In cutscene, the Cadet approachs the ship and Red Pikmin jump out. Then next is Brittany. She greets Alph, and is thankful to see a Rescue Corps Officer. She explains she and Nekatchi set up camp here to protect from monsters as they had to stay on the surface overnight. When Alph asks who’s Nekatchi, Brittany explains that she should be around here somewhere. The camera pans over showing a lazy kitty, cleaning itself on a leaf. It hops up and off and greets Alph and the Player by purring against the Captains. Alph says that they can reattach the S. S. Drake with it’s original parts. And so the scene goes dark and Alph gets to work. Scene changed to late in the day once more, the S. S. Drake is in working condition again. Brittany says that they haven’t noticed any enemies bothering to come back, so the base camp should be safe at night. Alph recommends the player and Brittany to stay the night, and he’ll make sure the ship’s working to maximum capacity by going up into the lower atmosphere with the Onion, as well as getting scans on the region. The player agrees and all three spend the night on the surface.

Night 2, Sahara of Solitude Base Camp

As the night begins, a Luminknoll pushes out of the ground in the center and a few Glow Pikmin pop out. The tutorial night mode begins, there’s a small hole that the Player and Nekatchi and sneak out of the walls where the enemies will becoming from. The player and Brittany protect the Luminkoll, and as the sky begins indicating sunrise soon, the Luminknoll cracks, shakes, and then crumbles, revealing a ghastly lime onion. It floats about for a moment as Glow Pikmin fly into the Onion, flying over to the hole in Base Camp and lays dormant, blocking the path outside the camp during the day. Alph returns, shocked to hear Brittany say quite a bit happened, and she’s going to be quickly experimenting with Glow Sap.

Day 3, Sahara of Solitude

This when the game opens up, allowing the player to start the day by flying to Sahara of Solitude. Here the player will be introduced to a large sandy oasis, splatters of grass and palm trees shade the area, and a river of water slicing the map in two 2 distinct sections.



  • Story Mode – Begin the journey into PNF-404 as your new or returning Rescue Corps Officer. Save the crash landed Koppaites, save them from their food crisis, and find a few other castaways along the way.
  • Boss Rush – Fight all the bosses again with new challenges on each one.
  • Dandori Battle – The Safe Leaf returns as the master of caves! Either fight him again, or have him referee matches between players.
  • Bingo Battle – Bingo Battle returns! Battle against friends with a treasure-based collect-a-thon and prove who the Dandori Master really is.

Night Mode

After completing Night 2 with Brittany the player will unlock Night Mode. Night Mode is similar to Pikmin 4, where the player will be equipped only Glow Pikmin as well as one co-captain and pet on these expeditions. Instead of protecting the Lumiknoll, the player will be protecting the Glow Onion as it works hard to produce Glow Sap just like the Luminkoll. Rather than a Luminkoll being destroyed, if enemies make their way into Base Camp and do enough damage to the Glow Onion, it will take off for the rest of the night and the player won't have harvested any Glow Sap. When the player unlocks a new area, the first Night Mode Mission will be to set up the base camp. The Glow Onion won't be luring any enemies in as the player sets up Base Camp overnight, but they will still catch the eyes of nearby monsters. After the first set-up night is complete, a section of the area map will be visible, as well as how many fruits are in each cave after the player has at least discovered them by walking close enough to the entrances and triggering the cutscene. After that, Base Camp will be set up and the player must protect the Glow Onion.

Louie Mode

Louie mode is Pikmin 5's New Game+ and Ultra Spicy Mode. After completing the game, Louie is left behind! Again! The player will experience the whole story mode again, but instead of having fellow castaways, it's only Louie. No upgrades, no abilities. The Pet that aids Louie on this adventure is a Junior Titan Dweevil, a younger and undeveloped version of the Titan Dweevil. He has the abilities of both Space Cats and Space Dogs, it can pounce and charge! However, it's stats are not as well rounded as the more furry companions, and is also non-upgradable. Louie will be flying with his new spider-friend in the left behind S. S. Dolphin II, rather than the S. S. Drake or the Space Corps Rescue Ship. Pellet Posies will be a great find, but they'll be found very sparingly. After a Pellet is grabbed from a Pellet Posey, it will not respawn for the rest of the gameplay. Enemies will also not drop corpses to bring back to onions, rather a cook-able meal leaves behind that the Pikmin can bring back to the ship. These will open up a new tab, rather than the Piklopedia, it'll be Louie's adventure in cooking all of the inhabitants of PNF-404, except for the Pikmin. Hopefully. The Pikmin will only have to collect these foody remains once, after that it is unnecessary to bring back any of the enemy remains. Can Louie survive in a much more aggressive PNF-404?



Type Image Feature Attack strength Movement speed Dig speed Immunities Abilities
Red Pikmin P4 Red Pikmin.png Nose 1.5x 1x 1x Fire Can carry flammable objects
Blue Pikmin P4 Blue Pikmin.png Mouth 1x 1x 1x Water Swimming, can throw drowning Pikmin onto land
Yellow Pikmin P4 Yellow Pikmin.png Ears 1x 1x 1.75x Electricity Can be thrown high, can be used to conduct electricity
Purple Pikmin P4 Purple Pikmin.png Whiskers 2x .5x 1x None 10x Carry Weight, Stuns enemies on impact
White Pikmin P4 White Pikmin.png Red Eyes .75x 1.5x 1.5x Poison Can poison enemies on consumption, can see hidden buried treasures
Rock Pikmin P4 Rock Pikmin.png Rock 1x 1x 0.5x Crushing/Impailing Can break crystals
Winged Pikmin P4 Winged Pikmin.png Wings .75x 1.25x 0.5x Ground-based Hazards Can carry things over Hazards, hold open Bamboo Gates, pull up Flukeweeds
Ice Pikmin P4 Ice Pikmin.png Ice 1x 1x 1x Ice Can freeze enemies from being consumed or attacking them. Can also freeze water with enough Ice Pikmin in the body of water
Glow Pikmin P4 Glow Pikmin.png Ghostly Tail, Blue Eyes 1x 1x 1.25x All Night Gameplay
Vine Pikmin Long Stem 1x 1x 1.25x Picked Up Can pull enemies out of the sky or root them in place with adequate numbers. Can swing on Vine Branches, make Vine Bridges
Mole Pikmin Snout, Claws, Round 1x .5x Above/1.5x Below 2x Crushing Can't be thrown, instead, the throw button will have the player send them to where ever they need to go by digging underground. Can burrow into soft dirt/under obstacles, can target enemies under the dirt
Glow Shroom Pikmin Glow Shroom Tip 1.25x .75x 1.5x Poison Can be thrown double the distance of a normal Pikmin, but not very high. Travels half the length, then expands their Mushroom Cap and sails the rest of the way. Only obtained through being spored by a Glow Puffstool
Shroom Pikmin P1 Mushroom Pikmin.png Mushroom Tip X X X X Created by Puffstools


Name Ability Attack strength Movement speed Found
Cadet Upgradable 1x 1x Start As
Alph Larger Whistle Radius 1x 1.5x Merriment Heights
Brittany Helmet fills up with Glowsap to distract Enemies 1x 1x Sahara of Solitude
Charlie Carry Weight 10 1.5x 1x Sahara of Solitude
Olimar Jetpack 1x 1x ???
President Impact Damage 1.25x .75x ???
Louie Louie Mode .5x 1x ???


Space Dogs

Space Dogs are a Cadet’s best friend! They can do all the things Pikmin can: attack, carry, and can even do some captain tasks as well! Plucking, commanding, and can sniff out treasures. Their special ability is the rush, charge up and send the space dog charging forward, either by themselves or while riding, and do damage to the enemy the Space Dog slams into as well as throwing the Pikmin riding onto them.


An average sized space dog, yellow with some orange spots. Droopy ears with rounded cheeks and a light yip. He’s an overall great pick! Oatchi is a Rescue Pup, a type of space dog apart of the Rescue Corps. The go-to companion that’ll assist the player with transportation, performing specialized tasks, and by serving as a secondary leader if separated from him. His breed of space dogs has long served the Shepherd family, now the Cadet's furry side-kick on missions.


A large Space Dog, dark green with blue spots. Perked up ears with droopy cheeks and a deep bark. She’s slow, but a heavy hitter! Moss is a space dog found by Captain Olimar when he previously crash-landed on PNF-404. She helps with transportation, special tasks, and an essential second leader for the Pikmin. She’s bigger and slower, but packs a punch compared to the other pup.

Space Cats

Space Cats are the newest ship guest! Similar to Space Dogs, they can swipe, drag, aswell as plucking and commanding. Their special ability is the pounce, charge up and the Space Cat will hop into the air and land wherever the cursor is. If riding the Space Cat, the player jump up high with it and all the Pikmin will land with the Space Cat. The pounce does not stun, and it’s impact damage is not as good as the Space Dog’s. The player can use this ability to get higher places than the Space Dogs, as well as it can climb. The Space Cat can attack faster and move faster than it’s dog counterparts, however isn’t as strong at Digging and Carrying. And good luck getting them to go into water!


A smaller sized space cat, orange with some white stripes. Pointy, attentive ears with a snappy tail and a quick “Mrow!” She’s quick and nimble, the player can get anywhere with her! Nekatchi is a space cat found by Brittany after her crash on PNF-404. She is an agile and worthy companion and can easily take the place of another leader. She can transport, perform special tasks, and help the player travel roads high and low.


An average sized space cat, blue-green with lime spots. Relaxed ears with a slow moving tail and a deep, “Mrrrow.” He’s more a hefty feline, but he can tear up an enemy quick! Juniper is a space cat found by Louie in his adventures on PNF-404. He is a heavier and slower cat, but still makes a great addition to the team with their aged training. He can still help with transporting, special tasks, and climb mountains.


Areas in Pikmin 5 are around similar sizes to those in Pikmin 4, if not a little larger. Much like Pikmin 4, the player can unlock multiple landing spots throughout the maps, however some maps they will have to come back to before 100%ing it as later achieved Pikmin Types will allow access to further corners. Caves function similarly as well, time passing 1/6th as fast. There will also be at least one Cavern per area, except for Merriment Heights

Merriment Heights

Merriment Heights is the Cadet's Impact Site. A large lively jungle, landing onto one tree specifically with several paths leading to a nearby tree.

Sahara of Solitude

A desert oasis, and the home of the first Base Camp. This large sandy expanse is splattered with small bushes, cacti, and shaded by humongous palm trees that hang over it. A large river slices the map in 2 distinct sections.


Extinction Habitat

A large abandoned home, left in disarray and now overgrown with plants. There's also a beautiful garden that raps the back of the house, left unattended to grow wildly and take over the house, that will be the first landing site.


The Forest of Dread

Returning once more, the Forest of Hope is not how it's remembered. It's water replaced with magma and its beautiful greenery now burnt and replaced with ash and rocks. Nearby, magma flows out of a volcano-like structure.

Subterranean Grotto

Entering a familiar hole in the ground with lava dripping inside, a magma-soaked Forest Navel is the player's ultimate challenge in the Forest of Dread.


Virulent Heights

Located in the same jungle area as Merriment Heights, it actually happens to be a neighboring tree. Much less friendly and kind looking than the Merriment Heights, the leaves are decayed and thorns wrap the large tree. Branches poke out sharply from this old gnarled tree. Similar to the Merriment Heights, the player can climb up and down the tree using branches, vines, and other worldly obstacles.


The Frozen Skyscrapers

Here the player will find the slopes of a large snowy mountain. A rocky and frozen terrain that tests the player's survival in the harshest of elements.


Searing Complex

The final location, the source of the following lava in the Forest of Dread. In the concrete jungle of an abandoned city, the player will enter the final test against PNF-404's toughest enemies and environments.