Pikmin 6

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Pikmin 6
This article or section is pertaining to Pikmin 6, a fanon game created by PikminCreator.
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Pikmin 6
Rating E10+
Genre Real-time strategy
Platforms Wii U
Media Unknown
Release dates 2016
Prequel Pikmin 3
Creator PikminCreator

Pikmin 6 is a real-time strategy Pikmin game developed by PikminCreator. It takes place after the events of Pikmin 3, and is the 4th installment in the Pikmin franchise. It will be released exclusively for the Wii U.

New features include local multiplayer, new types of Pikmin, new leaders, and enhanced graphics.


Once Olimar is brought back to Hocotate by the Koppaites, he delivers the treasure that he has found, and talks about his adventures with the Pikmin. Eventually, Hocotate Freight decides that the Pikmin could be useful back on Hocotate, and send Olimar, Louie, and the President back to PNF-404 along with the Koppaites to gather supplies for a new Pikmin civilization. They are also told to look for more treasure while there.

Once the Koppaites bring the fruit back to Koppai, the people consume most of it and plant the rest, aided by the new “responsible process of consumption”. Later, Koppai is contacted by Hocotate, who suggest the idea of creating a Pikmin nation on Koppai. They agree, but only on the condition that they get half of the supplies in order to create their own Pikmin society. The crew of the S.S. Drake is joined by two newcomers, Ella and Frank. They are told to gather more fruit while on the planet.

The S.S. Dolphin(piloted by Olimar), the Hocotate ship(piloted by Louie and the President), and the S.S. Drake(piloted by the Koppaites) all successfully land in the Infernal Paradise. The eight leaders find the Red Onion, and grow enough Pikmin to defeat the boss and move to the next area. They proceed in this way, collecting fruit, treasure, and Pikmin, until they reach the Mountains Of Calamity.

Once there, they try to proceed, but are stopped by the Pikmin digging a ship out of the ground. Once the ship is aboveground, it reveals itself to be fully functional. Immediately, a large sinkhole appears and swallows the leaders' ships. The leaders frantically get into the remaining ship as the Pikmin scurry into their Onion. Both lift off, but a rock flying from the ground enters an opening in the ship and causes it to explode, scattering parts everywhere. The original ships' parts are also scattered across the map.

Olimar wakes up in the Infernal Paradise near the Onion. He manages to collect multiple ship parts and defeat the new boss of the area and proceeds to the Crystal Garden, where he finds Frank. The ships are slowly rebuilt when new pieces are recovered. They proceed in this manner until all leaders are reunited and they can revisit the Mountains Of Calamity. They manage to defeat the final boss and recover the remaining treasure and fruit. Once there are no more collectibles to get, the Onion is absorbed into the ship, which takes off for Hocotate and Koppai.


  • Infernal Paradise
  • Crystal Garden
  • Frozen Isle
  • Immense Ocean
  • Carnivorous Jungle
  • Desert of Unease
  • Cavern of Confusion
  • Cliffs of Despair
  • Mountains of Calamity


  • Red: Resistant to fire, have 1.5 attack strength
  • Rock: Resistant to crushing, can break crystal objects, have 2 attack strength on hit, cannot cling on to enemies
  • Yellow: Resistant to electricity, can be thrown higher
  • Blue: Can breathe underwater and swim
  • White: Poisonous, resistant to poison, very fast
  • Winged: Can fly, have 0.75 attack strength, instantly lock on to airborne targets
  • Purple: Have the carrying strength of 10 Pikmin, have 3 attack strength on hit
  • Green: Can cling to objects, walls, and enemies, and cannot be shaken off


  • Olimar: red suit, crashes in the Infernal Paradise
  • Frank: gray suit, crashes in the Crystal Garden
  • Ella: yellow suit, crashes in the Frozen Isle
  • Alph: blue suit, crashes in the Immense Ocean
  • Louie: white suit, crashes in the Carnivorous Jungle
  • Brittany: pink suit, crashes in the Desert Of Unease
  • The President: purple suit, crashes in the Cavern Of Confusion
  • Charlie: green suit, crashes in the Cliffs Of Despair


Mission Mode: 5 modes

  • Collect Treasure!
  • Battle Enemies!
  • Defeat Bosses!
  • Reunite!
  • Raise Pikmin!

All modes have aboveground and subterranean levels.

Story: The original story

2-Player Battle: Competitive multiplayer

Gameplay Mechanics


Sprays return from Pikmin 2 and 3, but there are also new varieties.

  • Ultra-spicy: All Pikmin in the party will become more efficient at their tasks. This spray is collected from red berries and nectar.
  • Ultra-bitter: Any nearby enemy is temporarily turned into stone. This spray is collected from purple berries and nectar.
  • Ultra-sour: Any nearby enemy in pursuit of the leader or Pikmin will temporarily turn around and walk away. This spray is collected from green berries and nectar.
  • Ultra-sweet: All Pikmin in the party become invulnerable to any elemental hazard. This spray is collected from white berries and nectar.


All elemental hazards and some other hazards have varying levels of severity. This is shown by the Hazard Meter. An icon representing the most imminent hazard nearby appears, along with a gauge detailing its severity. If there are Pikmin about to die from a hazard, that hazard's icon will flash.


In Pikmin 6, almost all days have a random chance of weather. Most areas have rain, but the Frozen Isle has snow, and the Cavern Of Confusion and Desert of Unease never have precipitation. These changes are purely aesthetic.


The KopPad returns from Pikmin 3, and contains more apps. Apps:

  • Radar
  • Pikmin Info
  • Piklopedia
  • Treasure Hoard
  • Fruit File
  • Part Tracker
  • Exploration Notes
  • Camera


This section is still under development. However, the controllers you can use are:

  • Wii U Gamepad
  • Wii Remote and Nunchuk
  • GameCube controller
GamePad Wii Remote GameCube Action
WiiU A.png / WiiU X.png Wiimote A.png WiiU A.png
  • While commanding Pikmin: Pick a Pikmin up. When the button is released, the leader throws the Pikmin.
  • When by a sprout: Pluck the Pikmin sprout out of the ground.
  • Without any Pikmin: Punch.
  • When under an Onion: Open its menu.
WiiU ZR.png Wiimote B.png WiiUPC ZR.png Whistle.
WiiU LStick.png
(Fully held)
Nunchuck Annalogstick.png WiiU LStick.png
(Fully held)
Move in the direction it is held. If a Pikmin is touched while running, it will join the leader. The leaders run a bit slower than flower Pikmin. With the Wii Remote, the camera will automatically rotate to make it easier to navigate.
WiiU LStick.png
(Lightly held)
Wiimote Icon.png WiiU LStick.png
(Lightly held)
Move the cursor.
WiiU ZL.png Nunchuk Z.png WiiUPC ZL.png If the cursor is on a target, toggles lock-on. Otherwise, press to make the camera face the cursor, and, if not using the Wii Remote, hold to lock the cursor on the spot.
WiiU L.png Nunchuck C.png WiiUPC L.png Change which Pikmin type (or leader) will be thrown next.
WiiU R.png N/A WiiUPC R.png Allows moving the cursor without moving the leader, while it's held.
WiiU LStickclick.png N/A WiiU LStickclick.png Places the cursor on top of the leader.
WiiU Y.png Wiimote Minus.png GCN Y.png Switch leader. It won't work if the other leader(s) is/are on the current one's party.
WiiU B.png / GamePad shake.png Nunchuk shake.png WiiU B.png While locked-on, charge. Otherwise, dismiss.
WiiU RStick.png N/A WiiU RStick.png Rotate the camera horizontally.
WiiU Plus.png Wiimote Plus.png WiiU Plus.png
  • In-game: Pause and bring up the pause menu. Press again to unpause.
  • On a cutscene: Skip the cutscene, if possible.
WiiU Minus.png N/A N/A Toggle Off-TV Play.
WiiU Padup.png Wiimote Dpad up.png WiiU Padup.png Use an ultra-spicy spray. Won't take effect if there are no Pikmin in the party.
WiiU Padleft.png Wiimote Dpad left.png WiiU Padleft.png Use an ultra-bitter spray.
WiiU Padright.png Wiimote Dpad right.png WiiU Padright.png Use an ultra-sour spray.
WiiU Paddown.png Wiimote Dpad down.png WiiU Paddown.png Use an ultra-sweet spray. Won't take effect if there are no Pikmin in the party.




  • This game is called Pikmin 6 to represent it being a combination of games 1, 2, and 3.
  • The newly discovered ship is based on the Death Star from Star Wars, and the rock that causes it to explode enters through the thermal exhaust port. The final part for said ship is a screen to cover said port to prevent further explosions.
  • This game marks the first successful first landing on PNF-404.