Pikmin 8: The World Beyond

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A New Planet awaits...
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Pikmin 8: The World Beyond
P8TWB box art.jpg
Rating Unknown
Genre Unknown
Platforms Switch
Media Unknown
Release dates September 12th/13th, 2023
Prequel Pikmin 7
Sequel Pikmin 9
Creator Akram0218
Collaborators None

Pikmin 8: The World Beyond, or Pikmin VIII, is a fanon Pikmin game by Akram0218 and planned for release in September on the 12th but the digital realease is on 13th in 2023.



All the leaders crash, and similar to Pikmin 2, they need treasures to power their ship


The leaders are hanging out and having fun in the S.S. Drake when suddenly an asteroid hits it and causes it to crashland on a new planet called PHF-804. They all get separated, and the story begins.


Upon defeating the Stubborn Bulblons in the Cave of Flowers, Alph is reunited with. He says that upon the crash landing, he fell into this cave with the five green Stubborn Bulblons near the two Green Candypop Buds and the entrance to the cave so he thought no one can save him. He thanks Olimar and the Pikmin for saving him.

Game modes



Every leader from the three previous games appears, and new ones are introduced. They are listed in the order they are found.

  1. Captain Olimar – initial leader.
  2. Alph – found on sublevel two of the Cave of Flowers.
  3. The President – ???
  4. Brittany – ???
  5. Captain Charlie – found in the final sublevel of...
  6. Louie – ???
  • Leaders from Pikmin 4 and Oatchi in a DLC pack.
Non-player characters
  • Shop owner – sells sprays and other useful items at shops. He's usually in every area.
  • Postman – delivers messages like the mail in Pikmin 2 and in-game photos and screenshots. He rides a dog similar to Oatchi in Pikmin 4.


Every type of Pikmin from the four previous games returns, with four new types included.

Red Pikmin sprite.png P8TWB Green Pikmin.png Blue Pikmin sprite.png P8TWB Cyan Pikmin.png Ice Pikmin sprite.png White Pikmin sprite.png
Red Pikmin Green Pikmin
Blue Pikmin Cyan Pikmin
Ice Pikmin White Pikmin
Yellow Pikmin sprite.png P8TWB Orange Pikmin.png Purple Pikmin sprite.png Rock Pikmin sprite.png P8TWB Light Pikmin.png Winged Pikmin sprite.png
Yellow Pikmin Orange Pikmin
Purple Pikmin Rock Pikmin Black Pikmin
Winged Pikmin
Bulbmin juvenile sprite.png Glow Pikmin sprite.png
Juvenile Bulbmin Glow Pikmin


Areas and caves are listed in the order they are discovered.

Nostalgic Forest
  1. Cave of Flowers
  2. ???
  3. ???
Palace of Waves
  1. Pipes of Wishes
  2. Frozen Caverns
  3. White Flower Garden 2.0
  4. ???
Dry Dry Oasis
  1. Underground Maze
  2. ???
  3. ???
  4. ???


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  • Originally, there was a concept that Pikmin 8: The World Beyond was going to be based on Denpa Men 3, just with Pikmin.