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Pikmin Community Fangame
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin Community Fangame, a fanon game created by Pikifan4.
Pikmin Community Fangame
Rating E 10+
Genre Real-time strategy
Platforms Nintendo Switch
Media Cartridge, digital download
Publisher Pikmin Fanon Inc.
Prequel Pikmin 3
Creator Community
Collaborators BallsAngus
Blower Pot
Captain Puffmin

The Pikmin Community Fangame is a fangame anyone can edit and contribute to. There are some rules that apply, however:

  1. No vandalism of any kind.
  2. Do not add content that belongs in a rated T-, M-, or A-rated game. This will be an E/E10+ game.
  3. Do not take full credit; this is a community fangame and everyone gets credit for their contributions.


Note: Feel free to add to the plot! Be sure to sign your entry with ~~~~.

Years after Koppai's success, a company competing with Hocotate Freight buys it out, causing Olimar, Louie, and the President to lose their jobs. The President asks the Koppaites to see if there are any jobs available. Alph manages to find Louie a job at the freight company he works for, despite having very few and very low-income checks for the workers. Brittany and Charlie find Olimar a job looking for undiscovered vegetation. Alph says that Olimar should try PNF-404 first. Alph also offers to go with him and lend him the S.S. Drake. The two set off to the Pikmin Planet. However while doing so, the President still doesn't have a job so Charlie lets him stay at his place until the debt collectors give up trying to take his remaining money.

Day 1

Alph and Olimar begin to land in Frosty Mount while passing Orange Pikmin hanging out in the trees. A Red Pikmin carries an injured Mushroom Pikmin to its Onion. However, nothing happens. The Mushroom Pikmin wakes up and winces. Olimar gets out of his ship and sees the poor fellow. He asks Alph if he can do anything to help. Alph brings out his First-Aid kit and sprays the creature with medicine. The Mushroom Pikmin stands up, feeling a bit better. The Orange Pikmin, watching from the trees, see the treatment. Then the five of them join to make a team of seven Pikmin with the Red Onion. The Pikmin harvest two 1-pellets and walk until they see a Fiery Blowhog. Olimar decides to take action and directs the Red Pikmin to take it out. Then they continue to go along until they find another Mushroom Pikmin, which Alph takes care of, while Olimar goes back and takes the Fiery Blowhog to the Red Onion to bolster their numbers.

Then Olimar meets a Red Pikmin named Ruby. Ruby is a special Red Pikmin with a power called the Elem. Surprisingly, Ruby has electric powers along with her natural flame resistance. Olimar decides to let Ruby be the co-leader of the Red Pikmin, and he leaves her to start producing more Red Pikmin. While Ruby has the Red Pikmin off to a good start, Olimar separates the Orange Pikmin and decides to look for the Orange Onion. He tries and he finally finds it buried under a big pile of bomb rocks. He finally gets it out and starts to raise the Orange Pikmin population. He raises them to a population of twenty and then is in for a huge surprise! There is an Orange Pikmin that is just like Ruby. His name is Bombo and his Elem is that he can summon bomb rocks at will! After this discovery, Olimar goes to his spaceship and Bombo commands the Orange Pikmin to return to the Orange Onion. They lift off for the night along with Alph and Ruby and the Red Pikmin. The two Mushroom Pikmin stay in caves for the night. They decide to communicate to Hocotate and Koppai. Olimar reads an e-mail from his daughter saying things are fine and they sold her brother's gaming consoles for money as Alph communicates to Louie, Brittany, and Charlie as they discuss new Pikmin types.

Day 2

Alph, Olimar, Ruby, and Bombo return to Frosty Mount to boost their Pikmin numbers and look for more fruit. When looking for fruit, Bombo finds a cave entrance under the bomb rock pile that originally hid the Orange Onion. When venturing through the Snowy Mines, they find a bunch of fruit, but also the two Mushroom Pikmin from yesterday. they join the team with more Mushroom Pikmin deep from the cave. Then, Olimar finds out that the original Mushroom Pikmin that was injured on Day 1 was a Pikmin like Ruby and Bombo, named Luminen, and their Elem allows him to light up an entire cave. In the last sublevel, they find a treasure, an iPhone specifically, that they name the Portable Data Glutton. After exiting the cave with the Portable Data Glutton, Alph decides to finish the day to extract data from their newfound treasure. Since Olimar and Alph haven't discovered a Mushroom Onion, Luminen and the others decide to stay in the caves. In the Portable Data Gutton hides coordinates for a new area, named Cascading Archipelago. Olimar and Bombo decide to go there the next day, thinking that they will find more Pikmin types. Olimar and Alph each get e-mails about what's going on back in Koppai.

RedPikmin95 (talk) 16:28, 16 April 2024 (UTC)

Day 3

In the morning, Olimar and Alph each check their e-mails, which say that the company that bought out Hocatate Freight is now looking to buy out Koppai Freight as well, and the name of the company is revealed to be the Business Bucklers. After that batch of e-mails, Alph realizes that there are leaflings in this area and they have to cure them. So Olimar and the others venture through the nearby caves looking for more fruit and leaflings. On the last sublevel, a Jumbo Bulborb was waiting, and the only way to defeat it is to use the wild Mushroom Pikmin to blind it, and then attack the backside. After defeating the bulborb, a hiding Ice Pikmin arrives, thanking the captains for saving him from the Jumbo Bulborb. That Ice Pikmin turns out to be another Pikmin named Chill, who is like Ruby, Bombo, and Luminen, and his Elem lets him freeze and kill enemies in an instant. After exiting the cave, Olimar learns that their ship was damaged by the indigenous creatures. Devastated, Alph wondered how they could fix the ship. In a few minutes, he concludes that the Special Pikmin have to help them with fixing the ship, and thanks to Chill, the group quickly fixed the Drake. But then, a leafling comes out and challenges Olimar and Alph to a Dandori Challenge. After the challenge, he needs to be cured, but how? A White Pikmin named Pepper comes, and her Elem allows her to cure leaflings. After getting cured, the leafling is revealed to be a Business Buckler, and since Chill is easily scared, he runs away and accidentally runs into a Mushroom Onion. After discovering the Onion, it started getting dark. In the Mushroom Onion, Luminen is happy about having his own Onion, but then, he looks at the waterfall, and inside, there are some Purple Pikmin struggling to survive. Then, a Blue Pikmin comes in and dives into the waterfall to save the Pikmin. Luminen somehow finds that Blue Pikmin familiar. He then goes to sleep, hoping that the Purple Pikmin survive.

Captain Puffmin (talk) 01:22, 20 April 2024 (UTC)


Red Pikmin

Red Pikmin by Scruffy.png
Main article: Red Pikmin

Red Pikmin are immune to fire.

Attack: 6
Defense: 5
Speed: 1

Yellow Pikmin

Yellow Pikmin by Scruffy.png
Main article: Yellow Pikmin

These Pikmin's ear-like growths allow them to be thrown higher, and dig faster than other Pikmin. They are immune to electrical damage and can harness this power to complete electrical circuits.

Attack: 1
Defense: 4
Speed: 1

Blue Pikmin

Blue Pikmin by Scruffy.png
Main article: Blue Pikmin

Blue Pikmin have gills that allow them to breathe underwater. They cannot drown and are unaffected by other water-based hazards, and will throw nearby drowning Pikmin to safety.

Attack: 1
Defense: 4
Speed: 1

Mushroom Pikmin

PF Mushroom Pikmin.png
Main article: Mushroom Pikmin

Mushroom Pikmin have bioluminescent caps that allow them to illuminate dark locations. Mushroom Pikmin are beneficial to have in a Pikmin squad, as they are effective and combat and increase the efficiency of Pikmin in the squad. When attacking, Mushroom Pikmin leave spores on an enemy that deals steady damage to it for three seconds. Mushroom Pikmin can also knock down enemies much like Rock Pikmin. When thrown, a Mushroom Pikmin can use its cap to bounce off the ground and cover twice the distance it was thrown.

Attack: 1
Defense: 3
Speed: 3

Cyan Pikmin

PCotW Cyan Pikmin.png
Main article: Cyan Pikmin

Cyan Pikmin are ice-resistant Pikmin. They are the size of White Pikmin and are slightly faster than them, but have considerably low attack power. A thin layer of ice covers their body, with icy mist pouring off of it.

Attack: 0.2
Defense: 2
Speed: 4

White Pikmin

White Pikmin by Scruffy.png
Main article: White Pikmin

White Pikmin are quick on their feet and are poisonous when eaten, as well as immune to poison-based hazards. They also attack slightly faster than the original three colors of Pikmin.

Attack: .5
Defense: 2.5
Speed: 2

Rock Pikmin

Rock Pikmin by Scruffy.png
Main article: Rock Pikmin

Rock Pikmin can be used to knock down enemies, much like the Mushroom Pikmin. Unfortunately, they cannot latch onto enemies.

Attack: 8 (thrown); 3 (basic attacks)
Defense: 5
Speed: 0.7

Purple Pikmin

Purple Pikmin by Scruffy.png
Main article: Purple Pikmin

Purple Pikmin can home in on grounded enemies and can also stun them. Throwing a certain amount of Purple Pikmin onto an enemy will respectively immobilize or ground it if it were on the ground or in the air. Having enough Purple Pikmin latched onto an enemy can also inflict extra damage to it in some cases.

Attack: 5 (on hit); 8 (pound)
Defense: 8
Speed: 0.4

Brown Pikmin

Brown Pikmin by KirbyRider.png
Main article: Brown Pikmin

Brown Pikmin are covered with fur. They are equipped with claws that allow them to dig into the earth in which they inhabit. They are slow aboveground but are swift while digging. Their speed more than doubles when in subterranean environments.

Attack: 1
Defense: 2
Speed: 0.5 (aboveground); 2 (underground)

Orange Pikmin

Pikminfan27 Orange Pikmin by Scruffy.png
Main article: Orange Pikmin

Orange Pikmin are resistant to explosions. They can carry bomb rocks and have natural safety goggle-like formations over their eyes. Their speed is halved while they are carrying a bomb rock.

Attack: 0.75
Defense: 1.25
Speed: 1 (no bomb rock); 0.5 (carrying bomb rock)

Laser Pikmin

Pikminfan27 Cyan Pikmin by Scruffy.png
Main article: Laser Pikmin

Laser Pikmin possess eyes that resemble a White Pikmin's and a mouth that resembles a Blue Pikmin's gills. Their bodies are also cyan. They fire lasers from their eyes and charge photosynthesis, each stage being more visually distinct than the last.

Attack: 1 (low photosynthesis); 2 (medium-low photosynthesis); 3 (medium photosynthesis); 4 (medium-high photosynthesis); 5 (maximum photosynthesis)
Defense: 0.75
Speed: 1

Thorn Pikmin

Spike Pikmin by Scruffy.png
Main article: Spike Pikmin

Thorn Pikmin are beige and covered in spikes. The spikes are heavy, so they are rather slow. They cannot be eaten.

Attack: 0.5 (spikes); 1 (leaf, bud, or flower)
Defense: 0.5
Speed: 0.5

Indigo Pikmin

Indigo Pikmin by Salem.jpg
Main article: Indigo Pikmin

Indigo Pikmin are the size of White Pikmin and have three stems. These stems allow the Indigo Pikmin to strike an enemy up to three consecutive times if uninterrupted. The petals of their buds and flowers are cyan in color.

Attack: 1 (each hit)
Defense: 1
Speed: 2


Main article: Minimin

Minimin are tan Pikmin that are half the size of an average Pikmin, giving them the longest throw range but worst attack. They have stems resembling grass blades and flowers resembling dandelions. Minimin are not ideal for weight puzzles as two are needed to equal the weight of an average Pikmin. They can use their stalks to trip and slow down enemies, and use their small frame and throw range to access out-of-reach areas.

Attack: 0.5 (per hit)
Speed: 3
Defense: 1

Dart Pikmin

Dart Pikmin.png
Main article: Dart Pikmin

Dart Pikmin are almond-colored Pikmin, being a hermikmin. They are inside a sharp wooden thorn, making them able to pierce through enemies like a javelin through a straight-line, in exchange for a farther throw. They are also slightly faster than average, similar to the Ice Pikmin. They deal high damage but it progressively decreases by 1 for each pierce. They are also weak in terms of carry strength, having half that of a normal Pikmin.

Attack: 7 (initially), -1 (each pierce)
Speed: 1.5
Defense: 1


Captain Olimar

Captain Olimar by Scruffy.png
Main article: Captain Olimar

This widely-known veteran space explorer was the first to discover the Pikmin species. His attack and defense are balanced but he has higher speed to make up for it.

Attack: 1
Defense: 1
Speed: 2


Alph by Scruffy.png
Main article: Alph

Alph was part of the Koppaite team sent to PNF-404 to explore the land and search for edibles to sustain himself and his team. His attack is low, but his high defense makes up for it entirely.

Attack: .5
Defense: 3
Speed: 1.5


P2 Louie.jpg
Main article: Louie

Olimar's partner during their trip to PNF-404 to repay the President's debt. He discovers Cyan Pikmin in an unknown area. His attack is slightly higher than his defense, but he is quick on his feet and good at avoiding attacks.

Attack: 1
Defense: .5
Speed: 3


P2 President.jpg
Main article: The President

The former boss of Hocotate Freight whom Olimar and Louie had known for some time. His high defense and attack make him a formidable foe, but his speed is incredibly low.

Attack: 3
Defense: 6.5
Speed: .5


Brittany by Scruffy.png
Main article: Brittany

A Koppaite who eats about as much as Louie, which even for someone of Koppaite descent is an incredible feat. Her speed makes her good at avoiding attacks, and her attack and defense only add to her potential.

Attack: 2.5
Defense: 2
Speed: 4

Captain Charlie

Captain Charlie by Scruffy.png
Main article: Captain Charlie

The captain of the PNF-404 mission, commanding Alph and Brittany. His high attack and defense make him an excellent tank or distraction, and his speed is higher than that of the President's.

Attack: 4
Defense: 3
Speed: 1.5