Pikmin DS

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Pikmin DS
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin DS, a fanon game created by Zoadra.
Pikmin DS
Rating Everyone 6+
Genre Strategy, adventure
Platforms Nintendo DS
Media Cartridge
Release dates 2005
Prequel Pikmin 2
Creator Zoadra

Pikmin DS is a fanon strategy/adventure Pikmin game made by Zoadra and rated everyone six years old and over and PG for parental guidance. It features three areas, each with small sections for bosses, and a few caves. Each day lasts exactly 9 minutes, and killing a wall or clearing an obstacle will reduce 10 seconds from the day timer. This game was planned to be made for the GameCube in 2002 with the title of Pikmin GCN but was delayed in favor of Pikmin 2 and brought over to the Nintendo DS.


When Olimar and the President return to Hocotate from their treasure hunting on PNF-404, they discover they were robbed of all 50 of their hard-earned valuables and that the culprit was on the Pikmin Planet. The President orders Olimar and Louie to return to PNF-404 and find the robber. The Hocotate ship estimates that the pair has approximately 40 days to recover their lost gains before the robber can make off with them elsewhere in the galaxy. While walking toward the ship, Olimar saw the S.S. Dolphin in a merchant's stall, and so he bought back his long-lost ship, which now had two cockpits. Afterward, Olimar relocated his ship to a safer location and blasted off with Louie.

After arriving back on PNF-404, Olimar and Louie begin the arduous process of not only getting their treasures back but also tracking down the robber and delaying his plans, all while also dealing with the planet's native wildlife. The pair must recover every bit of treasure the robber stole from them in every area they visit, with the help of Red Pikmin, Yellow Pikmin, and Blue Pikmin. Finding as many of the 100 parts of the robber's ship before the robber can is imperative, as it will delay his escape from the planet, and Olimar and Louie must collect at least half of the parts to keep him on the planet for good. However, the robber will have Pikmin of his own, specifically Purple Pikmin and White Pikmin, to attack and defend with, and also collect parts for his ship and defend treasures he still has. Attacking the robber's ship will cause pieces of it to fall off, upon which they can be taken.



Due to programming limits, only Red Pikmin, Yellow Pikmin, and Blue Pikmin are usable by Olimar and Louie; the robber uses the other two Pikmin types.