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Pikmin DS is a Strategy/Adventure game. It Is Rated E For Everyone, PG For Parental Guidence And 6+ For Ages Six And Up. There is only the three original pikmin colors due to programming limits. There are caves and three main areas. There is three smaller boss areas. Also, day is exactly 9 minutes. When you destroy a wall or an enemy, 10 seconds are taken away from the day. Also there is only 40 days until the Robber gets off the planet-based on Hocotate Ship's calculation. This Game Was Planned To Be Made In 2002 As The Title, Pikmin GCN, But Was Delayed In Favor Of Pikmin 2 So The Name Is Pikmin DS. It's Official Release Date Was In 2005.


When Olimar and President get back home to Hocotate they just find out that they were robbed and the culprit fell down to the pikmin planet. While at Hocotate President orders Olimar and Louie to go back to the pikmin planet to find the robber. While Olimar was walking towards the ship, he saw the S.S. Dolphin in a merchant's garage. Olimar bought his ship back and noticed that it had two cockpits then they blasted off in the S.S. Dolphin.


To complete a level, find the robber and take all of his treasure. He has purple and white pikmin to defend them. If you don't find him before the first day you get to the level-don't panic you have all of the time to find the robber's loot. The levels are a little bigger than pikmin 2's levels. Also, you have to find the robber's ship parts before he does-you have 40 days to do so. The robber has 100 ship parts and he stole 50 treasures. You only have to find 50 ship parts but you have to get all of his treasures. When the robber gets some ship parts that you need to not let him get away you can just attack his ship and one by one his ship parts will fall off.

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