Pikmin E: Remastered

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Pikmin E: Remastered
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Pikmin E: Remastered
Rating E 10+
Genre Real-time strategy
Platforms Nintendo Switch
Media Game cartridge
Release dates Unreleased
Sequel Pikmin E: The Next Adventure
Creator PixelThistle

Pikmin E: Remastered is a fanon Pikmin game created by PixelThistle. It is a remastered version of Pikmin E and takes place after the events of Pikmin 3 and features many new characters and concepts.


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After Olimar, Alph, Brittany, and Charlie all head back home, Olimar realizes they left Louie behind and goes back for him. He is once again intercepted by an object mid-flight, however, it is not a meteor, but another ship. One Olimar doesn't recognize. Who could be piloting this thing? After the crashlanding, Olimar finds himself in a new, strange area of PNF-404, seemingly never explored in quite a long time.




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