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Pikmin Maker
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin Maker, a fanon game created by MaxMaker.
Pikmin Maker
Rating Unknown
Genre Real-time strategy, sandbox
Platforms Unknown
Media Unknown
Creator MaxMaker

Pikmin Maker is a lot like Super Mario Maker 2, with a story mode and a level creator.


In story mode, the leaders visit PNF-404 to go on expeditions there.

List of stages
Name Season Theme #
Deep Damplands Spring Pikmin Forever 1
Mossy Garden Spring Pikmin: Echoes of Eternity 2
Great Grass Spring Pikmin: Wide World 3


Each game mode has seven types of Pikmin, and five leaders. Also included is every enemy, obstacle, fruit, and hazard featured in Pikmin 3, and the fanon hazards acid, ice, lava, and mud.


  1. Olimar
  2. Louie
  3. Alph
  4. Brittany
  5. Charlie


  1. Red Pikmin
  2. Yellow Pikmin
  3. Blue Pikmin
  4. Purple Pikmin
  5. White Pikmin
  6. Rock Pikmin
  7. Winged Pikmin

Pikmin Forever

Pikmin Forever is the first theme available, and is already unlocked. New features include:

  1. Lichen Pikmin
  2. Challenge Pikmin
  3. Edward
  4. DELTA
  5. Paper towel
  6. Green Spectralid (available when level contains Challenge Pikmin)
  7. Pellet Poser
  8. Icy Ruggbug
  9. Lunar Long Legs