Pikmin Quest

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Pikmin Quest
This article or section is pertaining to Pikmin Quest, a fanon game created by Zoadra.
Pikmin Quest
PQ box art.png
Rating T for comic mischief and rendered blood
Genre Real-time strategy
Platforms Hexatron GX, Windows 11
Media Optical disc, digital download
Publisher Wraith Ltd.
Release dates 20XX
Prequel Pikmin 3
Creator Zoadra

Pikmin Quest is a spinoff of the Pikmin series developed by Wraith Ltd. and slated for a 20XX release date. It is currently planned for release on the Hexatron GX and Windows 11. The game is rated T for comic mischief and rendered blood. It stars Hikaru and Louie as they explore PNF-640. Strangely, the planet is lush with creatures from PNF-404 and evolved forms of them. Why are the Pikmin on PNF-640? Why are there familiar creatures and plant life? Louie treks to investigate these questions in... Pikmin Quest.


Three years after Pikmin 3, Louie has been promoted to captain by Hocotate Freight. He is flying solo in his new ship the S.S. Narwhal, delivering a shipment of indigo spice to Zeron. As he approaches the asteroid belt of the Zeron system, his blaster vaporizes a particularly mobile asteroid. The explosion clears to reveal a spaceship! Louie panics as he just shot at another vessel. The vessel is disc-shaped and moves erratically. Alarm bells ring out that the bogey is armed, and a laser shot nearly hits the S.S. Narwhal's bow. Louie sends out an apology message, but to no avail. The disc ship pursues him, and they veer off course, into the nearby planet's atmosphere. The planet is the third neighbor of Zeron, PNF-640, which has an atmosphere very similar to PNF-404's. Louie's ship is hit by an ion beam and enters a freefall into a desert biome. The ship slams into a large canyon wall and explodes, causing the pursuer to disengage and leave. Of course, Louie was jettisoned and he parachutes to safety at the last minute. He drifts down into the canyon, now without a ship, unsure of what he will find on the surface...


Louie's parachute gets caught on a tree branch and he is forced to unhook his harness. He falls five feet to the ground and dusts himself off. Looking around, the environment is not unlike that of his homeworld, Hocotate. He sees an Iridescent Flint Beetle and muses that it's odd he's finding species that are supposed to be on PNF-404. After scouting the area, he finds an alcove with a ship and a short man with multiple Yellow Pikmin! He decides to call out to him, and the man spins around with a laser gun trained at Louie! Louie shrieks and assures him that he's unarmed. The man asks what he is doing in restricted space, and Louie explains the situation with the disc-shaped ship. The man lights up, and speaks, "Oh, you're Captain Louie! You're with Hocotate Freight! Brilliant! We needed that indigo spice for our pharmaceutical labs! Wait, what happened to your ship? And the spice?" Louie sighs and reminds him that the ship is destroyed. Just then, on Louie's wristwatch, an AI assistant chimes in. "Captain Louie, I jettisoned the spice before we made impact. Data suggests it is in twenty-five locations around the continent." The man spoke up again, "I have a ship, and I'm currently assisting in the discovery of this planet's ecosystem. If you'd like, I can record all the creatures, plants, and biomes we encounter, while you retrieve your spice canisters! We can team up! My name is Hikaru by the way, pleased to meet you!" Louie sighs again and shrugs. They now have a quest: collect all twenty-five spice canisters and document their travels along the way. A single Yellow Pikmin comes up to Louie's side and jumps with joy. They decide to explore the immediate area.




The world map.

Instead of having distinct, separate areas, Pikmin Quest takes place in one overworld, the continent of Friparia. It is divided up into five provinces. Each province has two dungeons,

  • Burgeoning Bushlands
    • Outback Oasis
    • Dry Cove
  • Gregarious Grove
    • Jungle Labyrinth
    • Cave of Mysterious Raiders
  • Taciturn Taiga
    • Snowy Caverns
    • Icy Power Plant
  • Alacritous Archipelago
    • Oceanic Temple
    • Tower of Steel]
  • Volatile Volcano
    • City of Sparks
    • Endless Void

Gameplay aspects

Day-night cycle
During daytime, the overworld is relatively peaceful. Enemies still exist, but they behave in a more conservative manner; they won't chase the player far, and many of them sleep during the day. When the sun goes down, the nocturnal predators come out, and the player must defend against them. The player hunkers down in a campsite with the Auto Satellite and Onion, and the player can construct barriers and defenses during the sundown and twilight periods. After five waves of enemies, the captains go to sleep, and wake up for the next day of adventure. The captains must find a suitable campsite that is pre-determined. This also serves as a save point.