Pikmin RPG: Dawn of Hope

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Pikmin RPG: Dawn of Hope
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Pikmin RPG: Dawn of Hope is a spin-off strategy game for the Nintendo Switch.


In a far-off dimension known as Elementia, the city of Piktopia is divided into 5 parts. Tropica, a lush tropical jungle with huts in the trees and poisonous swamps at the bottom. Frozone, a frigid wasteland that is home to a sweltering volcano mine. Hollow, a mysterious woodland full of exotic mushrooms with an ancient temple. Flora, an mystical forest where dreams come true, with an elder tree stands in the middle, surrounded by a moat. Finally, Ethereal, the capital of them all, which guarded the Onion. The Onion, where the 6 Pikmin Species were born, was the sign of all life, until the Shadow Pikmin tried to steal it, but the rest of the Pikmin species fought back against it. It broke into 5 pieces, which each of the clans took. The Shadow Pikmin were flung into the wilderness, where they continue to grow today.

Ethereal City (Tutorial)

Welcome To Ethereal City!

Collect 3 Dwarf Bulborb teeth

After creating your character, walk up to the Quest Board. You'll automatically take a Collect Item job from a Pikmin named Aaron. Head to Back-Alley C-02. Once you get there, talk to Aaron. He'll open the sewer gate in Back-Alley C-03. Enter the dungeon and collect 3 Dwarf Bulborb Teeth by defeating Dwarf Bulborbs. Head back to the surface and give Aaron the teeth. He'll give you 300 P.

You're Welcome

Deliver the necklace

Talk to Aaron again. He'll state that he needs someone to deliver the necklace he made to a Pikmin named Skyler. You'll volunteer to go and he'll give you a map. Head to Tropica. Deliver the necklace to Skylar and she'll give you 300 P. The tutorial ends here.

Tropica Outskirts


There are 4 Pikmin species that you can choose to be.

  • Tropica Pikmin: Tropica Pikmin are able to fly and are the fastest type of Pikmin. They are also resistant to poison and have a higher temperature bar, though they are not able to survive extreme heat. They also have claws which can be used as a melee attack. If choosing Tropica Pikmin, you should choose a weapon Ranged weapon like a blow dart or a bow and arrow.
  • Frozone Pikmin: Frozone Pikmin are able to survive extreme temperatures. They also have higher strength than others, and can inflict Burn or Freeze. If choosing Frozone Pikmin, you should choose a heavy-type weapon like a Heavy Ax.
  • Hollow Pikmin: Hollow Pikmin can glow in the dark, and has higher Melee damage than other Pikmin. They also can glide a little bit, is the only Pikmin that can climb, and can conduct electricity. They are also the fastest at setting traps. If choosing Hollow Pikmin, you should probably use a dagger due to their mainly extreme usage of traps.
  • Flora Pikmin: Flora Pikmin are the only one that can swim in water (the others float), and are natural potion makers, making them good healers. They are the fastest at digging, and have good Elemental attack as opposed to their Melee attack. If choosing Flora Pikmin, it's best to equip with potions and spellbooks.


The main character can move around freely in open-world exploration, but when encountering an enemy, it will switch to a top-down view and the main character can only move through Action Cards.


The player will enter through the left side while the enemy will enter through the right side. The player can make adjustments to their team as they wish before the battle starts. 7 Action Cards will appear at the bottom of the screen, and the player can select which attack to use for which character and/or activate an ability (In case of co-op, the player only controls 1 character while other players control theirs. The player can swap out his or her character any time they wish). After selecting their action they can select a target for the attack (You can only attack with Melee if your character is 1 to 2 paces away) or they can choose where to move. Protection will play a role in how the blow connects. If the enemy is hiding behind Brick Cover, the blow will not connect and the action will deal no damage. The cycle the repeats until either all enemies are defeated or all heroes are defeated.

Attack types

There are 3 main types of attacks, Melee, Elemental, and Ranged.

  • Melee: Melee is good for close combat and can quickly overtake enemies. It is super effective against Ranged while not very effective against Elemental.
  • Elemental: Elemental is good for inflicting special effects like drain and burn. It is super effective against Melee while not very effective against Ranged.
  • Ranged: Ranged is good for staying away from the battlefield. It is super effective against Elemental while not very effective against Melee.

Special effects

Name Description Approx. turns
Burn Sends the enemy to a random spot on the battlefield. It will also damage them over time. 2-6 Turns
Confuse The enemy will not be able to target and instead will target a random character including himself. 1-4 Turns