Pikmin Resprouted Trilogy

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Pikmin Resprouted Trilogy
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Pikmin Resprouted Trilogy is a compilation title released for the Nintendo Switch 2, it's a co-development between Nintendo and Sega in an attempt to remake the first three Pikmin games into one compilation. The collection is a remake of Pikmin, Pikmin 2, and Pikmin 3 using the latter's game engine. Its main feature is the ability to play it in either classic mode or "new" mode, with classic mode retaining most of the original level design with an HD remaster and new mode remixing all three games drastically.

General Classic Changes

  • Purple Pikmin are somewhat buffed from Pikmin 3 but nowhere near as powerful as they were in Pikmin 2, they can release a shockwave to stun enemies but they are only as powerful as a non-Red Pikmin.
  • White Pikmin gain the ability to be harder to shake off than the other Pikmin types to compensate for the lack of damage they do.
  • Candypop buds retain their modern design from Pikmin 3.
  • Bulbears and Groinks no longer revive themselves.
  • The Joustmite is replaced with the Cloaking Burrow-nit and the Flying Joustmite is replaced with a new creature called the Buzzing Burrow-nit.
  • Electric Hazards cause Pikmin to get paralyzed for a short while before exploding.
  • Since all Pikmin can use Bomb Rocks now, Yellow Pikmin instead are immune to damage when carrying items. (they carry it under them like a shield) alongside their usual electricity immunity.
  • The Baldy Long Legs Replace the Beady Long Legs in the previous games.

New Mode Pikmin

Alongside the three usual types of Pikmin, Purple and White Pikmin gain their own Onion alongside the main trio of Red, Blue, and Yellow.

  • The Part Count increases to 45 and the day limit increases to 40 to compensate.
  • The Mamuta becomes a semi-common enemy in the Forest Navel.
  • The Final Trial is larger in size with puzzles exclusive to White and Purple Pikmin.
  • Poison and Electric Hazards are added to the game, they mainly appear in the Forest Naval and Distant Spring respectively.
  • In the Impact Site the Ranging Bloyster appears on odd days and the Pileated Snagret appears on even days, they replace the Goolix and Mamuta.
  • The Smoky Progg will remove its ​smoke when in the vicinity of a Purple Pikmin slam.
  • Goolix will appear in the Forest of Hope from days 1-20.
  • The Smoky Progg will appear in the Distant Spring from days 20-40.
  • General level design tweaks to accommodate the new Pikmin and parts.

New Mode Pikmin 2

  • Rock and Winged Pikmin replace Purple and White Pikmin and are found the same way as you get those types from Pikmin 2.
  • The Emergence Cave and White Flower Garden are replaced with the Granite Cave and Pink Flower Garden respectively.
  • Poison Gates are replaced by Bamboo Gates and Poison Vents are replaced with a new hazard called Vacuum Tubes which suffocate non-Winged Pikmin by taking the air out of their bodies.
  • The Toady Bloyster in Perplexing Pool is replaced by a Pearly Clamclamp.
  • Due to the lack of Purple Pikmin, the Waterwraith will instead be damaged by having Rock Pikmin trip its rollers.
  • The Titan Dweevil has 2 new weapons to replace the Comedy Bomb, the Vortex Magnet which creates an air-sucking tornado, and the Crystal Dropper a crystal launcher.
  • The 2 globe treasures need 40 Pikmin to transport instead of more than 100.
  • The Doomsday Apparatus now needs 20 Pikmin, and there is a new path and puzzle involving the use of all 5 Pikmin types taking turns carrying it back.
  • The Snagret Hole is replaced with the Lithopod Den, a new cave featuring the return of the Armored Cannon Beetle, in Hole of Heroes the Decorated Cannon Beetle appears.
  • A Calcified Crushblat replaces that one Firey Bulblax from Valley of Repose (the one with the Ursus Statue).
  • The Anode Beetles in Citadel of Spiders and Glutton's Kitchen are replaced with Skutterchucks.
  • Hole of Heroes has you fight the Empress and Emperor Bulblax together, the Emperor has a new attack where it sucks up and launches Bulborb Larvae.

New Mode Pikmin 3

  • Purple and White Pikmin replace Rock and Winged Pikmin respectively, as such Crystal and Bamboo gates get replaced by Bags and Poison vents, and level design changes to accommodate that.
  • Two new bosses replace the Armored Mawdad and Scornet Maestro.
  • The Rough Skinned Wollywog is the new first boss of the game, by slamming Purple Pikmin onto it you can break off a layer of its tough and durable skin.
  • A single Goolix and Toxic Goolix appear in the Tropical Wilds and Forest of Hope respectively each holding a fruit.
  • Twilight River features Pearly Clamclamps.
  • A Puffstool replaces the Calcified Crushblat.
  • The Shearfin is the new fourth boss of the game, it burrows underground and the White Pikmin can dig up breakable posts, you then bait the Shearfin to run into one of these posts to stun it.
  • You can refight the Titan Dweevil in the Distant Tundra after you defeat the Mireclops.
  • There is a true final boss in this game, to access it you need to a secret pathway in the Tropical Wilds, only Blue Pikmin can access this area, you then go through a recreation of the Submerged Castle complete with a Waterwraith. When you defeat the Waterwraith and he will escape to the Formidable Oak. After defeating the Plasm Wraith the ending proceeds as normal but the ship crash lands losing the Cosmic Drive Key in the process. It is determined that the key is in an unknown location called the Surfaced Fortress which is home to the Platinum Wraith, a combined form of the Water and Plasm Wraith.

Mission Mode

Mission Mode is shared between all three games, there are three types of missions

Escape the Cave
Escape the multifloor cave and collect as much treasure as possible.
Collect Treasure
Explore a large map and collect as much treasure in the allotted time.
Defeat Monsters
Defeat enemies inside a large map in the allotted time.

All the classic missions from Pikmin 2 and 3 reappear with new missions that use all 7 Pikmin types.

Extra Mode- Endless Arena

A new area in the game, you have 50 Pikmin and you have to survive as many enemy waves as possible before your Pikmin gets extinct, you can raise more Pikmin in the onions but enemies will endlessly respawn and you can only have a maximum of 200 Pikmin.

Extra Mode- Endless Abyss

Insert an 8-digit cave seed with modifiers like what enemies spawn and don't spawn and you can travel to an endless cave where getting to the highest level is the name of the game.