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Pikmin Scorpio
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Pikmin Scorpio
Rating E 10+ to T
Genre Real-time strategy
Platforms Computer
Media Digital
Publisher SixGlacierStudios
Release dates Hopefully before 2025
Prequel N/A
Sequel The second Pikmin Devastation game
Creator Captainkawaii666

Pikmin Scorpio is an actual Pikmin fangame being developed by the magnificent captainkawaii666 for the PC. It is currently not very far along in development because this stuff takes time, but I'm working on it, and it's gonna be epic when I'm done. It is the first game in the Pikmin Devastation trilogy.


Pikmin Scorpio takes place shortly after either Pikmin 3 or Pikmin 4, depending on how Pikmin 4's story works out, but we're just gonna say it takes place shortly after Pikmin 3 for now. In the intro cutscene, Olimar walks into the President of Hocotate Freight's office and asks for a vacation, promising to bring back a few treasures from the Pikmin Planet. The President decides that, since Olimar has been through a lot recently, he deserves a break, especially if it means more money when he comes back thanks to the treasures. Olimar thanks the President and rushes off to the Dolphin, flying off to the Pikmin Planet.

3 Months Later


His secretary walks into the office and says, "Sir, have you considered calling Scorpio to find him?"

"Hmm, he quit working here years ago, but he was as good as Olimar, and they were good friends. They shared a lot of ideas together. Get me Scorpio on the phone!"

"I'll call his lab, sir."

"He's got a LAB now?!"

"Yes, sir. Should I also get those nice Koppaites who brought Olimar back home after he and Louie crashed last time?"

"Uhh, sure, that Alph guy seemed like a good fellow. I trust him. If he'll come, send him, too."

"Alright, sir."

A week later, Scorpio, Alph, and the President are standing at the shipyard. The President decides to give them the report Olimar wrote on Pikmin, as well as some of his other notes, in case they help them in their search.

"And don't forget to bring me back some treasure, too!" he shouts as they fly away in Scorpio's ship, the S. S. Narwhal. "I want at least 1000 Pokos worth!"

A Bumpy Landing

The trip to the Pikmin Planet goes smoothly, and the Narwhal enters the atmosphere without incident. As they approach the ground, though, the ship bumps into a rocky outcropping, and Alph is knocked off the observation deck where he was taking notes. He falls and lands safely, and Scorpio brings the Narwhal down nearby. After looking around for a little, he sees what he identifies as Red Pikmin fighting a Dwarf Red Bulborb. Reading through Olimar's notes, he decides to try whistling and throwing them to kill it. The creature is easily defeated, and Scorpio sets out to find Alph, Olimar, and 1000 Pokos worth of treasure, as well as more Pikmin to help him out along the way.

Game Modes

Story Mode

The regular story mode. Collect treasures, find Olimar, and save the Pikmin Planet from the mechanical menace! For one player only.

Challenge Mode

Take on various challenges, including Pikmin 2-esque Cave Challenges, Find Treasures, Kill Enemies, Sprout Pikmin, and Defeat Bosses! For one or two players.

Battle Mode

Battle other players in several different ways, including Capture the Flag, Bingo Battle, and Base Destruction! For two players only.

Chasm of Wonders

Fight your way through the ultimate challenge, the Chasm of Wonders, and defeat the terrifying foes you encounter along the way! For one player only, unlocked by beating Story Mode.


As you would expect from a Pikmin game, or any game really, this game has several areas. Each area has a cave or two, excluding the final area, which serves only as the final boss arena.

Story Mode

Tropical Isles
  • Wollywog Empire
Misery Mountain
  • Machinery Mines
  • Mawdad Den
Jungle of Respite
  • Formidable Oak
Flooded Flats
  • Submerged Ruins
  • Oily Depths
Blossom Valley
  • Scornet Nest
  • Constructed Catacombs
Deadly Badlands
  • Puffshroom Paradise
Magma Mountain
  • Forsaken Factory
Fallen Kingdom

Challenge Mode


Battle Mode


Chasm of Wonders

Chasm of Wonders has only one area, named after the game mode itself, but that area is split into many floors.




Scorpio is Olimar's best friend. He is interested in studying the wildlife of the Pikmin Planet.


Alph is a Koppaite researcher. After he saved his planet from a food crisis, he bacame extremely famous, and he is more than willing to help Olimar out again.

Captain Olimar

Captain Olimar's life support systems failed when something hit his ship, and he was unable to fix them in time. Luckily, the Pikmin managed to save him, and he was transformed into a Pikmin-Hocotatian hybrid. He's still the Olimar we know and love, but now he can do all kinds of things he never could!


Ship's Pod

The Hoctatian ship's pod, after being left behind on the Pikmin Planet for so long, has decided that it wants to covert that "filthy planet" into a giant factory, and build all kinds of robots. It has set up multiple bases of operation and rebuilt the Man-at-Legs, as well as making other robot generals to assist its domination.


Frankenpiki is a terrifying abomination built by the ship's pod. Possibly the strongest of its creations, in the end it even destroyed its creator. It is an amalgamation of the deadliest creatures on the Pikmin Planet, loaded down with mechanical weaponry. It must be stopped!

Galactic Breadbug

An immensely powerful, godlike Breadbug that created the Chasm of Wonders to challenge those who prove themselves worthy.

Supporting Characters









These aren't going to be written here for a LONG time.


Hopefully none, but we'll see when the game comes out.