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Pikmin X
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Pikmin X is a fanon game created by Sir V.


The Legend

After Olimar left the Distant Planet for the last time, mystic forces appeared. The Overlord Pikmin, and the Master Gas.

The Crash

On a planet known only as X, someone discovers a planet full of treasure. He sends a team of six people to the planet. While they are approaching the planet, the ship has an error, and they escape in Survival Pods.


It plays much like a normal Pikmin game, except on the map there is a point of view button, this will change the character you're following. You have to play all points of view before going to the next day.

Playable Characters


Orion is the Captain of the ship. He lands in the Fallen Fields, there encountering Power Pikmin.

Pikmin Type L (AKA Xyul)

Xyul is encountered in the Great Cave of Smashing. He starts out in a candypop bud with crystals holding the petals down. The candypop bud continually tries to close, but is stopped by the crystals. The crystals can be broken by with the Rock Ability. When the crystals are broken, it closes up and releases one sprout, before wilting. His color is similar to Olimar's primary suit color. In the mouth area is something somewhat like a speaker. He is able to replicate most sounds with the "speaker". His voice changes quite a lot. His whistle alternates between Olimar, Louie, and the President's whistle. It is thought that the Overlord Pikmin created him to assist the pikmin, but the Candied Mamuta locked him away in a candypop bud. A Power Pikmin jumped in to revive him, but the Elemental Blowhog used Crystal Breath to stop it from closing up and releasing a sprout.


Fallen Fields


Great Cave of Smashing





Abilities are special items, similar to sprays, that affect your Power Pikmin.


· Many things are references to Kirby, most names have double names starting with the same letter. Some are slightly changed versions of things from Kirby games, such as the Great Cave of Smashing.