Pikmin extinction

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This article relates to the official games. See Pikipedia's "Pikmin extinction" article for more official information.
For similarly-named fanon games, see Pikmin Extinction and Pikmin: The Extinction.
Pikmin extinction
Gameplay aspect

A Pikmin extinction occurs when no Pikmin of a given type is alive. There are two types of extinction: a partial one, which is declared when all Pikmin of one type are lost, and a total one, which happens when there are no Pikmin left whatsoever. Pikmin can become extinct by being killed, swapped for a different type with candypop buds, or left behind at sunset. Leaders often express great guilt, grief, or remorse whenever a Pikmin extinction occurs.

To counter an extinction, the respective Onions spit out a single seed of the same type if no sprouts of its kind are present in the same location. Regardless, the populations of extinct types must be regrown from scratch, and if not treated with care, will be easy prey to all manner of enemies and could quickly result in another extinction.

In fanon games

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