Quaggled Mireclops

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Quaggled Mireclops The icon used to represent this enemy.
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Appearance in Pikmin 3.
Scientific name Trestripods gigahenum
Family Mireclops

The Quaggled Mireclops resembles a massive chunk of land, complete with plant life growing on it, that is supported by three enormous hooved legs. At first, this creature will be sunken into the ground with only the top of its body exposed, its fruit-like head encased in a large crystal. It will not move until the crystal is damaged enough to release one of its eyes; at that point, it will rise from the ground and begin stomping around, crushing Pikmin under its hooves and leaving temporary depressions that are filled with water. Attacking at least one of its fleshy hooves until it becomes bright red will force the creature to collapse onto the ground and become stunned, having slammed its hooves into the ground to soothe them. During this time, the top of the creature can be accessed, and the remainder of its crystal destroyed to fully expose its vulnerable head. As Pikmin and leaders linger on its body, the Quaggled Mireclops will try to catch them on its incredibly large tongue to feed on them. When the Quaggled Mireclops stands up again, it will tilt over to send them plummeting to the ground below. After its crystal is destroyed, the Quaggled Mireclops will use a few new, more devastating attacks: it may quickly trot across its arena, or suddenly fall to the ground, crushing and instantly killing anything underneath its body, leaders included, or drop to the ground and flop along the ground in a forward direction. As the creature loses health, it will begin to charge faster and more aggressively, and perform its tongue spin twice in a row, with the second spin rotating at a much higher speed.

When the Quaggled Mireclops is defeated, its remains become a permanent part of the environment. In the following days after the creature has been killed, Pellet Posies and other vegetation grow on its body, and enemies may inhabit the immediate area.

In fanon games

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In Pikmin: The Last Battle

Pikmin: The Last Battle
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: The Last Battle, a fanon game created by ChristalIsMe.
Quaggled Mirebeast The icon used to represent this enemy.
Scientific name Trestripods gigahenum
Family Mireclops
Areas Sea of Endings
Carry weight N/A
Attacks Eats and crushes Pikmin

In Pikmin: The Last Battle, the Quaggled Mirebeast is a mireclops serving as the twentieth boss. Its appearance differs from that of its Pikmin 3 incarnation as it's missing the fruit-like growth on its body; it is revealed to be a parasite, as Olimar suspected in his previous notes.


Olimar's notes

Quaggled Mirebeast / Trestripods gigahenum / Mireclops family. As I've said before, this creature needs an insane amount of nutrients, draining its environment. However, the fruit-like growth on its head has been confirmed to be a separate parasitic species, and without it, the environment can almost sustain itself. Its strange, teapot-like mouth allows it to capture any bugs (or Pikmin) around its mouth. I've changed its common name since I now know that it has no eyes.

Shacho's notes

This large creature could be a GREAT addition to my workforce if it weren't so careless. It doesn't seem to have eyes to see with, so it kinda just stomps around the place. Maybe, if I could employ it without payment, it could actually be worth the cost.