Remembrance Ravine

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The After Years
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Remembrance Ravine
Location Merciless Mountains
Sublevels 27
Treasures 25
Hazards Fire, Water, Electricity, Poison, Sticky, Ice and Acid

Remembrance Ravine is the third cave you'll enter in Merciless Mountains in the game Pikmin: The After Years. This is one of the toughest caves in the game. There is a new boss on the final sublevel. There are 28 sublevels with 25 treasures located here. On every floor, except for the two rest areas, there is a boss that you've faced that needs to be defeated. You are restricted from using the Onion Call in this cave. Also, every time you enter the cave, the boss encounters are switched. (Example: One time you may fight a Giant Breadbug on Sublevel 7, but the next time you come in the cave, you may fight it on Sublevel 13!).


Once defeated, Dark Olimar will drop the Spatial Key, but flee with Olimar's wife.