Remorse Plateau (Pikoblitz 2)

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Pikoblitz 2
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikoblitz 2, a fanon game created by DaGamesta.
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For other locations of the same name, see Remorse Plateau.

This is the first area in Pikoblitz 2. It is a fairly peaceful land of snow and dead grass. There is one or two tough enemies here, but nothing too challenging. There are 4 subareas and 6 items located here.


Boss: None

Boss: Beady Long Legs

Boss: Icy Mantlemantis

Boss: Pileated Snagret

Subarea 1:Landing Site

Once you land, Herb will go off on his own, unfortunately, you find him lost in a maze that you can't ever acess again Once you leave. It is fairly simple, and nothing here is too threatening. The Red Pikmin are found here, near their onion, outside the maze Herb wandered into. However, Olimar finds the Pikmin first, having to save them from a Dwarf Yellow Bulborb. Luckily, no Pikmin can be harmed in this fight. There are also some Pellet Posys here, so be sure to collect those. Plus, the first item, which will allow you to lift into the atmosphere for a little while, is here, similar to the first treasure in Pikmin 2.

Items: 1

  • Turbine Reactor(Battery) 220 Pikmin Points(15 pikmin)

Subarea 2: Dungeon Entrance

The first cave, the Hospitality Cavern is located here. A couple of harmful enemies live here, but not many.

Items: 3

  • Director of Chance(A Die) 90 pikmin points(12 pikmin)
  • Courage Sphere (Golf Ball) 80 pikmin points(8 pikmin)
  • # 1 Iomium Jet (Ship Part from Pikmin 1) 150 pikmin points(15 pikmin)

Subarea 3: Snowside River

By breaking down a Posion Bramble Gate, You now have acess to an area filled with water. There are some enemies here, but they shouldn't be a problem.

Items: 1

  • Old-Tech Widget(IPhone) 160 pikmin points (20 pikmin)

Hazards: Water

Subarea 4: The Arena

This subarea is a small and circular arena acessable after breaking down a White Bramble Gate. There is a potentially deadly enemy here.

Items: 1

  • Nova Blaster(Ship Part from Pikmin 1) 200 pikmin points (25 pikmin)

Total Pikmin Points

Pikmin Points in Area: 900



  • Water