Rooted Hole

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The Rooted Hole is a hole that appears in Pikmin: Sagittarius' Adventure. It is located in the Forest of Love. It is 4 floors deep and it's hazards are acid, water, and fire. 2 Hocotate files are here.

Sub-level 1

A maze with roots and beasts everywhere. Acid pools can be found in some corridors too.

Sub-level 2

Another maze. A Hocotate File is found underneath a pool of water.

Sub-level 3

A giant maze. It is filled with fire hazards, so be careful.

Sub-level 4

The final floor. In one of the rooms, a giant Emperor Bulblax awaits, double it's size from the original Pikmin. It's defeat awards you a Hocotate File.

Enemies Encountered