Salvation Site

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Salvation Site
Treasures 2
Hazards Water, Electricity, Acid

The Salvation Site is the first area in Pikmin: Revenge of the Darkfreeze. It is also where Red Pikmin are first found.


Landing Site

The region where the Dolphin lands. There is some nectar weed on the side, and a Dwarf Brown Bulborb near a paper bag. 5 Red Pikmin are attacking the Bulborb. The Red Onion is nearby. The paper bag requires 10 Pikmin to deflate.

Grassy Area

A grassy area past the paper bag. A ramp leads to a small tree trunk. On the far side of the ramp, an Iridescent Flint Beetle hides with its pellet loot. The Mysterious Kernel is located where the Engine was.

Tree Trunk

The Tree Trunk is an area resembling an old tree trunk. 2 Burgeoning Spiderworts grow near the center, and a Brown Bulborb guards the entrance to the Cave of Strength. There's also an electric gate on the far end.

Beach Area

Past the electric gate is a small watery area. Across the water is the Bulbear Stronghold, until a wooden bridge is built by Blue Pikmin and an acid pool is drained by Green Pikmin. Inside the water is the Tempting Kernel.