Sandy Speargrub

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This article is inspired by unused content in one of the canonical games. To learn more about its origins, see here.
Sandy Speargrub The icon used to represent this enemy.
HP Sandy Speargrub.png
Scientific name Unknown
Family Mandiblard

The Sandy Speargrub is a mandiblard found in the files of Hey! Pikmin. Little is known about it besides it possibly being a variant of Speargrub, or even a prototype design of it.

In fanon games

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In Pikmin: Wide World

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This article or section pertains to Pikmin: Wide World, a fanon game created by Cheepy-Cheepy.
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Sandy Speargrub The icon used to represent this enemy.
Family Mandiblard
Weight 1
Max. carriers 2
Seed worth 2
Poko value Poko × 1
Sparklium worth Sparklium × 1
Battle point value P3 Soul icon.png × 5
Attacks Skewers Pikmin

The Sandy Speargrub is a member of the mandiblard family appearing in Pikmin: Wide World. It burrows only in sand, and can not be seen until it emerges from the ground when Pikmin or leaders draw near. After burrowing out of the ground, a Sandy Speargrub will attempt to skewer nearby Pikmin and harm nearby leaders by projecting its spikes, typically attacking in groups of two to five and rarely alone. Skewered Pikmin can be whistled to free them and save their lives. When left alone, it burrows into the ground once more and slowly regenerates any health it may have lost. Sandy Speargrubs will dismantle nearby stick bridges and wooden climbing sticks, and may be released from some soil blocks in their native territory after their destruction.

Sandy Speargrubs strongly resemble normal Speargrubs, being small, oblong, spiked insects, but are primarily light yellow in color with featureless red eyes.

Although they are small, Sandy Speargrubs are naturally difficult to kill solely because they are covered in spikes. Rock Pikmin are recommended to use against them as they can not be skewered. Rock Pikmin can lunge at them normally to inflict damage, but a Sandy Speargrub that has a Rock Pikmin thrown directly at it will die instantly. However, rocks, bomb rocks, and similar tools may be used against them to great effect. Leaders that have the Iron Fists are able to punch a Sandy Speargrub without damaging themselves in the process. Sandy Speargrubs will retreat underground when their health is at or below thirty percent, and emerge once more once its health is at or above half should prey still be nearby. Upon death, a Sandy Speargrub will yield Sparklium × 1, and the neutral position of its spikes allow its body to be carried by any Pikmin type. Aboveground, its body can be taken to either the Dolphin Lander for Poko × 1 or the Master Onion to receive two Pikmin seeds. Underground, its remains can be taken to the Lander Pod to either gain Poko × 1 or be stored to later gain two Pikmin seeds of a discovered main type of choice from the Master Onion, but only if the cave is exited using an escape geyser.


Olimar's notes

"This species of mandiblard thrives in sand and sweltering heat. Its coloration allows it to blend into sand it dwells within, making surprise attacks especially simple and effective."

Shacho's notes

"Walking around on sand infested with these things is no better than walking on the beach on Hocotate. Broken seashells as far as the eye can see!"

Marie's notes

"Sandy speargrubs are far less dangerous once they get used to you, but they still will thrust out their spikes whenever they are surprised or scared."

Louie's notes

"Its meat is gritty, and removing every grain of sand embedded in it is meticulous. Unsuitable for consumption, even after removing each of its retractable spikes."

Dolphin Lander's notes

"I'm not sure how these little creatures don't boil themselves in the blistering heat they love so much. I suppose the sand provides some shelter from it, but it still has to be unbearably hot!"