Shore Dweevil

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Shore Dweevil The icon used to represent this enemy.
Shore Dweevil.png
Scientific name Mandarachnia amphibis
Family Dweevil
Carry weight 5
Max. carriers 10
Seed worth 8
Attacks Drags Pikmin underground

The Shore Dweevil is a semiaquatic dweevil that spends most of its time buried in coastal sand waiting for the planet's strong tides to roll in. When approached, it will emerge from the ground and wander around momentarily before burrowing underground again. If it finds an object, the Shore Dweevil will attempt to take it and flee with it, a behavioral trait shared by many of its kind. It will actively flee from Pikmin. If attacked for long enough, the Shore Dweevil will burrow into the sand and bring any Pikmin still holding onto it with it. This will result in the deaths of those Pikmin, so care should be taken to whistle them back before the creature can seize the opportunity to rid of its attackers. If the Shore Dweevil happened to have been carrying an object while it fled into the ground, it will leave the object on the ground above where it burrowed.