Stuffed Bellbloom

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This article relates to the official games. See Pikipedia's "Stuffed Bellbloom" article for more official information.
Stuffed Bellbloom The icon used to represent this enemy.
File:Hp stuffed-bellbloom.png
Scientific name Legumos trypophobis
Family Pinotta
Areas Below the Ice
Sparklium value Sparklium × 38
Attacks Crushes Pikmin

The Stuffed Bellbloom is a round yellow enemy that has brown spots on the front of its body. It moves by repeatedly jumping forward, which produces a jingling noise and can squash any Pikmin and leaders that it lands on. After reaching a wall, it will turn around and jump in the other direction. When struck with Pikmin, it loses health and drops Sparklium Seeds from a hole behind its body, with one or two produced per hit. When the creature finally dies, it will have dropped around forty Sparklium Seeds. Although hitting it with Pikmin makes it lose its seeds, a Stuffed Bellbloom will not react or change its behavior in response. Pikmin cannot latch onto a Stuffed Bellbloom. A close relative of the Stuffed Bellbloom is the Spouting Bellbloom.

In Fanon Games

Pikmin: Spark

HP Sparklium seed.png Pikmin: Spark
This article or section contains information that relates to the non-canon game Pikmin: Spark, created by Glubbfubb.
HP Sparklium seed.png
Stuffed Bellbloom The icon used to represent this enemy.
HP Stuffed Bellbloom.png
Scientific name Legumos trypophobis
Family Pinotta
Sparklium value Sparklium × 50-150

They make an appearance in a mainline 3D game in Pikmin: Spark. They dwell in Dens, particularly those filled with plants and other foliage. They keep to themselves but sometimes rarely form small groups of various sizes (usually 3-5). They are completely docile in behavior and will only run away when attacked. When attacked they drop Sparklium out of their back pouches. The number of Sparklium seeds inside varies from creature to creature usually comes between Sparklium × 50 - Sparklium × 150 seeds released in all before fleeing. An individual Pikmin will cause a single seed of a random size to come out but Purple Pikmin can use their stunning abilities to get a large number of seeds out of the creatures before they flee. After some time or when they run out of seeds they run to a wall and dig through that wall to escape. The seeds they release will be red seeds and above with the occasional cluster of yellows seeds coming out.


Abel's medical journal

The membrane allowing the creature to store many seeds is anti-bacterial, meaning that it could be used as a sterile medical holding container, need to find a way to synthesize it.

Lyn's sale review

The patterns of this creature would make a cute bag, and the stretchy skin would make a durable leather.

PIX's creature scan

Lives in caves in the cold seasons and feeds on a reserve of seeds in its body. Breeds in the spring months. The skin has a rubber-like texture. It tends to spit out these seeds when startled.
  • Habitat: warm areas
  • Niche: herbivore
  • Maturity age: 3 years
  • Average lifespan: 15 years
  • Breeding season: spring