Submerged Tower

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This cave is the recommended first dungeon you take on in Murky Spring. This area is crawling with bugs and nasty surprises. This dungeon is mildly easy if you know your Pikmin. Before you enter, the Ship will advise you to have Blue Pikmin with you, which you can find not so far away from this cave's location.

Sublevels: 5 Treasures: 9

Sublevel 1

Treasures: 2

Water Pond X 3

Sublevel 2

Treasures: 1

Fire Vent X 3

Sublevel 3

Treasures: 2

Fire Vent X 5

Sublevel 4

Treasures: 3

Fire Vent X 2

Water Pond X 5

Sublevel 5

Treasures: 1

  • Assembly Circuit(GameCube Conroller/Upgrade) 100 pokos(25 pikmin)

This allows you to play Challenge Mode in the Main Menu.

Water Pond X 1