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Should be more appropriate to replace the Bulborb icon with that one

File:Enemy icon.png (also if it was you who made its design yourself then you did good to look like a real enemy. For... Well, you can really just put its image, but in that case, or you can just decide make its icon style those black outlines and stuffs and like from those Pikmin 2-style and stuffs icons you know. Dummy enemy icon is for if you don't have one, then yup, it can be used, in that case, there's many variants of it too, like obstacles, treasures, Pikmin types and etc. Also, i finally realized it was 2D not 3D, like, or at least it seems to be drawn as i noticed) Blower Pot icon.pngBlower Pot Talk | Contributions | Fanon game 04:53, 26 July 2023 (UTC)

Thank you! -Dandoridoondin