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The thing is, you can leave all the pikmin near the pod, and run to the geyser with Olimar, like in Pikmin 2. And this will allow the cave to be left without losing a single pikmin, since like in every cave level, the pikmin warp to the geyser/hole once Olimar/the leader decides to leave, regardless of what they were previously doing. Although this does assume two things: Olimar is faster than the bulborbs, and the caves in Pikmin: Redemption work like the caves in Pikmin 2. --Yoshord 00:14, 5 June 2009 (UTC)

The geyser only appears after each and every enemy is defeated. That is only for the early levels because in later levels there are too many enemies to kill them all. Olimar is faster than the bulborbs but only by a little. Caves in PR are different than in Pikmin 2 in that you have to get the special key in order to get the geyser/hole to appear. The special key is also usually hidden inside the strongest enemy in the sublevel which is usually surrounded by weaker enemies. I hope that clarifies things somewhat. Sir Pikmin, Sir Pikmin avatar.jpg Your Bold Pikmin Knight! Contributions