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Would it be fine if I changed the first part of the scientific name for the Goolixes from "Celdol" to "Binuclei"? PikminFanatic23

I thought this was the reason we were insisting on separating notes, description and other information by game. --Yoshord 17:52, 17 March 2011 (EDT)
Yeah, the canon scientific name won't even be listed on the page once it is put into the new format. Edit: Well, it's on there, but as a fanon name. My user page. My talk page.

Oops. Never mind, then. Edit: You're talking about the Celdol siphonophorus? I'm going to change it to it's canon name.PikminFanatic23

(Response to Edit) Okay, sure. My user page. My talk page.
Yeah, and as you might of noticed, I added Olimar's/Louie's notes as well. PikminFanatic23