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Might I recommend using the icon template instead of the gallery template for the enemies section? It would look like this instead:

===Friendly Fields===
*HP Crumbug icon.png Crumbug
*HP Mockiwi icon.png Mockiwi
*HP Nubby Bulborb icon.png Nubby Bulborb
*HP Sparrowhead icon.png Sparrowhead
*HP Coppeller icon.png Coppeller
*P3 Male Sheargrub icon.png Male Sheargrub
*P2 Unmarked Spectralid icon.png Unmarked Spectralid
*HP Female Shooting Spiner icon.png Female Shooting Spiner
*HP Male Shooting Spiner icon.png Male Shooting Spiner
*P1 Honeywisp icon.png Honeywisp
*Boss: HP Whiptongue Mockiwi icon.png Whiptongue Mockiwi

~ [icon]Cheepy-Cheepy 

- Sapphire7 - So THAT'S how you do it. Ok, thanks I'll do that.

Looks good! Don't worry about the Fiery Wollywog's missing icon; I'll get around to making that soon. ~ [icon]Cheepy-Cheepy 

- Sapphire7 - okay, thank you ^^ I'll keep these tips in mind when I start working on "Pikmin Eco" next ;)