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Please, if you have any ideas for maps, describe them below and put your signature, so I can give credit. Please leave ideas that are thorough and have a lot of imagination. I will change things I don't like, though.

  1. How about Yarn Toy Box? I read your game and noticed the yarn bulborbs, so why not give them a shout out? The area's lay out is a box shaped dome, which has many electric and poison traps. And the walls are covered in yarn. Blues can be found, but there is no water and purple pikmin can cause the yarn to bounce if thrown. The captains can toss the purples to throw themselves into the air. The enemies here are of course yarn bulborbs with dawrfs and contains a lot of anode dweevils. They are also sling shoots across the arena, allowing to fling anything with it. You can even launch enemies. But it will break after awhile, so use it wisely. P4TWtF Captain Pikmin.jpg Yo, this is New Pikminjp, the creative Pikmin fan!
  2. Does this game have the jump function that debuted in Pikmin 3? If so, I have a good idea. The map would be called "Astro Field". It is a big map with one enormous asteroid in the center, and the S.S. Zymph at one end and the S.S. Dolphin at the other. Olimar would start at the Dolphin, Xylo at the Zymph, and Louie and Yeta in the center. The map is full of small- to mid-size platforms, all of them asteroids. Since there are gaps, jumping is a necessary function for this map. Due to extremely low gravity, the captains can be on the top or bottom of each and every platform, meaning they could sneak right by each other without the other noticing. The pikmin are for you to decide, probably a flying kind to make movement easier. Peach Bulborb icon.png I'm Peach Bulborb, and I approve all grub-dogs. (Sysop)