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Dev Notes

Unfortanetly, I suck at programming, so there will never be a proper Pikmin: Stranded fan game. Just ideas from me put in paper. However, I have been working on creating areas and objects, etc in pikifen, so hopes for that. Also, I may or may not get proper art and such for designs of things. I DEFINETLY can’t model, and I can’t make art good enough for this to look real. So I guess we’re stuck with awful drawings by me, unless I find someone for art.

I’m kind of lazy, but I’ll still try to update this often. Just don’t get on to me for not changing the page for a few months for no reason. The box art may look pretty bad, but that is because I don’t have a good proper image editing system. I had to make the box art in PowerPoint, okay? Errors include: The Pikmin logo having a small black edge around it, due to me using the awful auto background tool. The ship bein slightly visible on the front, due to me using fan artwork for the cover. Credit to whoever made that! The back box being pretty messy, due to it being an edited copy of the Pikmin 3 back box art. And probably more I didn’t catch. – Preceding unsigned comment added by MysticTortoise (talkcontribs)