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Who edited me?

Someone edited me recently. I don't know who. If you are that guy, please post here. RoboIan

I'm not the one who did, but PikFan23 kindly did to clean up the article a bit. You sound like you have a problem with it. ~ [icon]Cheepy-Cheepy 

  • Thanks for the answer, Cheepy-Cheepy. Also, your right, it is much more cleaned up. RoboIan

Picture Request

I am currently requesting pictures for most of the things and features in the article. I would also like Spider Pikmin, Golden Pikmin, and Neon Blue Pikmin articles. Please type in your username here if you want to help. RoboIan

Doing my job

Hey robolan im finally starting to do my duties as sub-creator. I am creating pages for any of the pikmin that don't have pages. Let me know what you think. — I am LoganPikmin and meet my friend Spike Pikmin by Scruffy.png Spiky the Spike Pikmin.

  • Thank you for doing this, Logan. I needed that. RoboIan