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I noticed that the creator on the infobox was listed as "Peanut64 (Head) along with Sir Pikmin". Although Peanut may have come up with the title, wasn't it originally supposed to be a collaboration project between Peanut, Sir Pikmin, and Portal? This also reminds me of another issue. Why did Portal suddenly become "third in command" and receive bureaucrat and developer rights simply because he was working on a fanon project with Sir Pikmin and Peanut? My user page. My talk page.

Portal was always the third in command from the very creation of our government. And everything is working fine. I made up the Buildup Trilogy, used Sir Pikmin and Portal's games with it and brought us together. So I created Pikmin: Global Breakdown and Pikmin: Ultimate Doom for the purpose. Wraith[icon]Admin, Bureaucrat
PS: This all happened a LONG time ago, 2 years I think. Wraith[icon]Admin, Bureaucrat
He's right, though Portal became third-in-command because he was one of the oldest members and had made many, many edits. This all happened a while ago, right around when I first received my bureaucrat powers and before you came here. I can see where you are going with your questions, thinking we are using our power to help an old friend. But we have a reason for him being the third-in-command, though I'm not sure why anyone other than Porplemontage has dev. powers, I also don't know exactly what they do. I fixed that, and if there are any more devs. out there other than Porple I'll fix them too. And if it makes you feel better, I consider you the co-fourth-in-command along with Yoshord. Sir Pikmin, Sir Pikmin avatar.jpg Your Bold Pikmin Knight! Contributions
Hey, about the fourth in command thing. That brings up a good point! He is a very active contributor. I am nominating him to be the Chairman of the Council. Just go to the forums to see it to that he gets elected in. Wraith[icon]Admin, Bureaucrat