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Vanishing Orange Empress Bulblax

This should be a very easy glitch to fix. All one would have to do is make the Bulblax reappear every three days like every other enemy. Unless the "glitch" is put in intentionally, in which case it is technically isn't a glitch. --Yoshord 22:46, 19 February 2009 (UTC)

The Orange Empress Bulblax is an enemy that disappears after being defeated, like several enemies in Pikmin 2. Fillet-O-Fish 23:42, 19 February 2009 (UTC)

@Yoshord: You have to remember something. Nobody is making these games and probably none of them will ever be made. So the original person who thought up the game can do almost whatever they want to do in the game, even an intentional glitch. The glitch is intentional and it is still a glitch because it would be a bug in the game's coding that can make either a good or bad effect. In this case it is bad.

@Fillet: It's a nice glitch but don't put too many in your game. If there are too many glitches in a game idea then some people will think the fanon-game, if ever made somehow, is unplayable and thus; no one will want it. Have at most three game breaking glitches, five useless glitches, and four helpful glitches. One of my friends who makes Indie games once told me that. He also told me to have at least one or two glitches in your game. That way it can make things more interesting.

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Note by MarioGuy123: Rename the game now that Pikmin 3 is out!

Thanks for your concern, although I doubt anymore glitches will be added unless I get an idea that doesn't sound like it's there for the sake of having a glitch.