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Lead Designers

Some job groupings have all positions filled up, so it is time to vote on who will be the lead designer. The basic job of a lead designer is to collect all of the information needed to make the game and give it to me, where I will then add it into the game program.

To decide the lead designer, there will be a vote on the person. To vote, just sign with your signature in that person's section. If you are voted for to be the Lead Designer, and you do not want the position, then there will be another vote minus the person that did not want the job. YOU may NOT vote for yourself!!!!!

Lead Enemy Designer:

Lead Scenery Designers:

  • Winner: Alpo499: He has chosen to be in charge of the Caves and Dungeons.
  • Winner: Sir Pikmin: He has been forced to be in charge of the Areas.

Lead Sound Designer:

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