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In this article it is stated that the Webber Dweevil is a subspecies of Dweevils, like Bulbears are a subspecies of bulborbs. This does not make sense, seeing as, first of all, Bulbears are not a subspecies of bulborbs, they are simply in the same family and genus. In addition, all Dweevils in the canon games are different species, as opposed to the bulborbs, which are all one species with various subspecies included. The first word of the scientific name is, in fact, the genus name, whereas the actual species name is the second word. Bulborbs are the only members of the canon pikmin games to have subspecies, these being the red, orange, and hairy bulborb varieties. This appears as a third word in the scientific name. If you wanted the Webber Dweevil to have a subspecies, you might want to consider making both the Webber and Berserk Dweevils the same species (second word). Dweevils don't relate to bulborbs in the fact that dweevils are all different species and bulborbs are all the same species. If you wanted to somewhat keep what is written, you might want to consider changing the genus name from Mandarachnia to something different. Or, to lighten things up, just delete the sentences relating to this issue in both the webber and berserk dweevil articles. My user page. My talk page.