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In Pikmin: The Advanced Times

The Advanced Times
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: The Advanced Times, a fanon game created by Lazer.
Name Telekeniki
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Eye color Black
Hair color N/A
Home planet PNF-404
Known related characters None

Telekeniki is a Striped Pikmin serving as the main protagonist in Pikmin: The Advanced Times and the entire Advanced Trilogy. He is always seen in his Mine Jr. costume and holding his candy cane sword. He is young and doesn't speak very often, but is very brave and extremely intelligent, traits Striped Pikmin are known for. His best friend is Cheeko and his greatest rival is Eclipse, and he is also very loyal to the Mayor.

In Pikmin: The Advanced Times, Telekeniki is the main character and the only playable one. He is given a special mission by the Mayor to find the tablet and is very excited about it, but not too thrilled that Eclipse has the same one.