The Walkway

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The Walkway is not counted as the final area because of its small size and the fact that it can be entered anytime. It serves as the gateway to Bonus Bash, a fun little extra dungeon that serves no purpose in the storyline. Pikmin can also be propagated here.

On the map, it is shown to be part of Altitude Springs, and the scenery is similar to that area, but it is foggy and overcast here instead of sunny.


Landing Site

A small, grassy circular area with some plants and small stones scattered about.


Strange Gate Path

This long winding path leads to a mysterious gate shrouded in purple mist. It cannot be destroyed until you collect all treasures and beat Ultimate Arena, in which it instantly collapses.


Bonus Bash Entrance

A large peanut-shaped area with small pools of water and plants growing around them. Large trees are visible in the distance if you fiddle with the camera. At the far end of this part is the entrance to Bonus Bash, while inside four alcoves you can find Candypop Buds.