Titan Iceberg

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Titan Iceberg is the fifth area in Pikmin: The War of the Pikmin Planet. Part of the area is the Valley of Repose from Pikmin 2.


Subarea 1: Landing Site

The Landing site for this area is where the Frontier Cavern used to be in Pikmin 2.

Subarea 2: Snowy Field

The entirety of this area is made up of the original Valley of Repose. The small body of water near the Fiery Bulblax has dissapeared, as did the creature itself. This is now where the entrance to the Lost Flowerbed is. The other small body of water is still there, but a bridge has to be built over it. The "arena" is now full of enemies. The Bulborb Nest is where the Utter Scrap used to be. Anything past the arena has been replaced by the Freezing Ocean.

Subarea 3: Freezing Ocean

This subarea appears to be a large ocean of cold water. A glacier connects to the Snowy Fields and Chill Mountain. The goal in the Freezing Ocean is to get to a faraway glacier with Blue Pikmin. Once there, a bridge can be built across the two icebergs. On the second iceberg, there is the entrance to Rusty Pipeworks.

Subarea 4: Chill Mountain

A big, snow covered mountain dominates this area. You have to climb about three quarters of the way up to reach a cave with the Ice Abyss in it. Also, inside the cave is a switch which opens up a pathway to the area where the Unspeakable Wonder was.