Tree's Interior

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Tree's Interior is a cave that appears in Pikmin: Sagittarius' Adventure. It is located in the Forest of Love. It is 5 floors tall and it's hazards are acid, water and wind. It holds 2 Hocotate files.

Sub-level 1

This sub-level has roots blocking the way up to the next floor, so you must find the pack of acid, but be careful, only Green Pikmin can carry and use it. The all around floor just loops around the centre, with the occasional water or acid puddle.

Sub-level 2

This sub-level has wind blowing around that push you into an abyss. Purple Pikmin are resistant to wind, so be sure to bring them. The way to the next floor is across a wooden bridge with wind blowing all about.

Sub-level 3

On this floor, there are moving lily pads on water and moving stones on acid. Use these to take your Pikmin across safely. Hidden in an acid puddle is Hocotate File.

Sub-level 4

This floor has infected walls and creatures everywhere. One enemy here can infect your Pikmin and use them against you, so be careful.

Sub-level 5

Immediately when you enter this floor, the boss fight starts. The wooden pole in the middle of each floor fights you as the Infected Heartwood. It's defeat grants you a Hocotate File and the Earth Killer, which causes some interesting things happen to each area.

Enemies Encountered