Twisted Cave

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The Twisted Cave is a cave that appears in Pikmin: Sagittarius' Adventure. It is located in the deepest part of the Forest of Love. It is 6 floors deep and its hazards are fire, water, electricity, acid and wind. It holds 3 Hocotate files.

Sub-level 1

This floor is brightest of the 5. It is a strange floor because there is a blue sky above with a shining sun and a few lakes. The way down is clogged with stone and is beneath a lake, so Blue Pikmin are needed to advance. At the top of a tree is a Hocotate File.

Sub-level 2

This sub-level is almost identical to the one above except all the pools of water are replaced with acid and it is night time.

Sub-level 3

This sub-level appears to take place on a mountain at night. Climb to the top to go down to the next floor. Fire geysers are here aswell.

Sub-level 4

On this floor is a seemingly abandoned factory with electricity and broken down machines everywhere. You need 15 Yellow Pikmin to power a wire to open a door to the next sub-level. Luckily, there is a Golden Candypop Bud hidden somewhere.

Sub-level 5

This floor takes place on a rocky environment with lava everywhere. There are destroyed buildings everywhere. Inside one of the buildings is a Hocotate File.

Sub-level 6

This is the final floor. It is pitch black. In the room just north of you is the boss, Clown Face After his defeat you get a Hocotate File and a new passage way appears. In it are 5 packages. You can only take two. One grants the Electric Forcefield ability, another the Chest Flamethrower, another the Leak Pack, another the Hyper Whistle, and another the Whistle Whirlwind. Choose wisely. Afterwards, you pull a switch that warms the climate, melting the ice on the landing site in the Snowy Land of Fear.

Enemies Encountered