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Appearance in Pikmin 2, as a spray nectar.

Ultra-bitter spray is the purple colored spray that can be obtained by collecting ten purple Burgeoning Spiderwort berries or by finding a concentrated dose. When used, it temporarily turns any nearby enemy or bomb rock into stone, completely immobilizing them, and rendering them harmless, for a short period until they automatically break free. Flying enemies that are petrified drop to the ground, and may shatter apart upon impact depending on their integrity. Any enemy that becomes petrified will have its defense changed in some way, such that all Pikmins' standard attacks and leaders' punches cause more damage to normal enemies and less damage to bosses. When an enemy is defeated while petrified, it will crumble to dust and leave behind one or more drops of nectar or sprays along with the objects it would normally drop.

In fanon games

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In Pikmin 18,000,000,011

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The ultra-bitter spray is the second spray encountered in Pikmin 18,000,000,011. The effect of using it is that it turns enemies to stone for 10 seconds, making them vulnerable.

The only enemy that makes it impossible to use the ultra-bitter spray is Bloodlust.

In Pikmin 2... Again?

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This article or section pertains to Pikmin 2... Again?, a fanon game created by Blower Pot.
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Use Crystallizes enemies

Ultra-bitter nectar returns in Pikmin 2... Again?. Instead of petrifying enemies, it encases them in purple crystal. While crystallized, all forms of damage only deplete 5 health at a time, but explosives remain effective.


Olimar's notes

This kind of spray can quite rapidly encase anything in solid crystal. While it does immobilize enemies and make their whole body vulnerable, they can also break free if not killed in time, whereupon they shatter apart completely.

In Pikmin SP

Pikmin SP
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In Pikmin SP, ultra-bitter spray can be found in Bramble Woods, behind a black bramble gate, quite close to the landing site. It is gained from purple Burgeoning Spiderwort berries and as spray nectars. The spray has different effects on certain types of enemies, as it keeps normal enemies petrified for ten seconds while boss enemies stay affected for only five seconds. This spray does not affect some enemies at all, but has quite a bit of use against a certain boss

In Pikmin V

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In Pikmin V, ultra-bitter spray has been significantly toned down. Instead of petrifying enemies, it merely stuns them the same way that a Purple Pikmin does, and the duration only lasts between three and five seconds, depending on the size of the enemy. While still less common than ultra-spicy spray, it is also more common than the newly-added ultra-tasty and ultra-nasty sprays. Sprays only become available once Brittany has been recovered, and the Burgeoning Spiderworts that produce their berries aren't found until the Forest of Seeming region is entered afterward.

In Pikmin X: Deep Freeze

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Pikmin X: Deep Freeze
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Ultra-bitter spray appears in Pikmin X: Deep Freeze. While it can still be obtained from purple Burgeoning Spiderwort berries, breaking open eggs or killing Black Spectralids, the spray no longer petrifies enemies; instead, using the ultra-bitter spray causes a circle of gas to form around the leader who used it, acting as a repellent. It has a large range and enemies will refuse to enter its perimeter. Should the leader who used it come too close to an enemy, it will flee and open itself up to attack, protecting Pikmin from them. The effects wear off after about thirty seconds. Bosses and minibosses are immune to the effects of this spray.

In Pikmin: Decayed Leaf

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In Pikmin: Decayed Leaf, ultra-bitter spray can be harvested from berries, or collected through other means. The spray itself has a dark purple hue. When the spray is used, the captain will burp a petrifying gas in front of them. Any enemies caught in the vicinity of the burp will become completely petrified, covered in a thick, rocky coating for ten seconds before they break free. During this time, they can easily be taken out with Pikmin. If flying enemies are hit by the spray, they will fall to the ground, and possibly break depending on their composition, like a jellyfloat. Bosses that are sprayed take minimum damage while petrified.


Olimar's notes

I was wondering where this spray went. To be honest, it tastes terrible, like drinking a vile of poison. I guess I kind of am drinking poison, but it seems to have no effect on Hocotatians. Hocotatians, and Ravenous Whiskerpillars. I have to keep this out of the reach of Pikmin, who knows what'll happen to them when they drink it.