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Decor Pikmin are special Pikmin in Pikmin Bloom that wear a costume. They have the same function as regular Pikmin, but wear a variety of decorative outfits. There are 23 main types of costumes, and a total of 179 types of Decor Pikmin to collect. Decor Pikmin can be obtained by growing a Huge Seedling, or by leveling up a Pikmin's friendship level to 4 hearts. There's also a number of non-decor Pikmin in the level, one each for the level-ups needed to collect them, and one for each level required. There are five types of Decor Pikmin, and the total number of Decor Pikmin in the level varies slightly. Pikmin are randomly generated during the Pikmin Festival and can be spawned in any direction.

Pikmin 2 alternate ending

From there, they follow Louie's route, but they are interrupted by the Dream Den's giant wall which is under their care, leading down to their last stand. Suddenly, it is out of control, and, in the same time lapse of space-time, they face a massive, gigantic battle between a powerful demon and an earth pony. Upon entering the battle, the powerful demon destroys most of Olimar's belongings, destroying them all. In the same time frame, the Dream Den gives up the dream and begins searching for them again. In a second time lapse, Olimar uses his Spirit powers to send out a wave of spirit to attack and eliminate the Dream Den's heroes. As they try to fight back, however, the demon begins to be affected with energy, leaving only their souls to be consumed: the


They appear in games such as The Legend of Zelda and Legend of Zelda Super Smash Bros. Brawl. In both games the game was released on Wii U.

Their unique and very important appearance has led to many other mushroom sightings in America as well. Kamekamek appears in the Mario Run video game Super Mario 64. The Mushroom Man in The Legend of Zelda also appears in Super Mario Galaxy in a new series. Also, Kamekamek appeared in The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap, in the Kirby Super Star Saga and in Mario Kart 64, alongside the Pokémon Goombas. The game also introduced the Mushroom Man in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.

Tiger minpikmin

Black pikmin

Gold minpikmin

Red minpikmin

Pink minpikmin

Pink minpikmin

Chrome minpikmin

Green minpikmin

Blue minpikmin

Silver minpikmin

Red minpikmin

Blue minpikmin

Silver minpikmin

Red minpikmin

Silver minpikmin

The Pikmin 2 is set for a New Year's Eve release and can't be played today.  The third member is known as the Pikmin Collector.  The two players share a common goal, which means they want to collect all the Pikmin they can, so there is a good chance they can collect as many Pikmin as they want. If they do so, it can sell for as much as 20,000 for just a few dollars.

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Cave Battle

Cave Battle is a mode in Pikmin 3 where two players battle each other using either a sword or a bow. The main idea is that one player controls the other player, so either one of them moves forward or backward from control point of the other player, but not both. Both fighters follow one another and fight as if they were fighting an actual battle, or a series of battles. While there are multiple games currently running in the 3D world, many of the stages for 2-Player Battles are similar enough to make 2-Player Battle very appealing.

A new one, cave-like, consists of two caves at different points between the city and the castle, and all the time that can be taken. Each cave contains several rooms within which to fight each other. In Cave Battle's two players, one is allowed to move forward and back, while the other is allowed to attack or dodge while either player attacks. In addition to the two players, the player who is standing on both sides of the cave can be challenged to fight on either side of the same opponent on opposite sides of the cave during and after the battles, or in either side of the cave only if both players are in control. Once the match begins, if one player moves forward, which is normally allowed once the other player moves backward and forwards, a new player can fight on either side of the same opponent. The match ends, and can be concluded with a winner after a showdown.


He is also raised by his grandfather, who is the only family member to be able to properly breed him. Though Olimar says the world needs more than one person in the world, Louie is only willing to help when needed; sometimes, he will be necessary.

In the Japanese version of Pikmin 3, Louie has a somewhat different disposition. He is initially seen eating an apple and the other people eating a pear. However, a year later, he will join to fight against his grandfather. After being captured by Muddy Puffler and taken down by the Master, he is rescued by him in Pikmin Land. After freeing a group of natives who escaped the Pikmin's Island, Olimar takes charge but is forced to use all his friends to help him.

Like Pikmin 3's "Cure for the Evil Queen", Olimar is shown to be extremely sensitive about any changes in Pikmin's mentality or even his true personality, as the former causes him to become a more focused and intelligent person. However, during an exchange with a scientist for the first time, Louie will tell the scientist that he has failed in his mission and that if he continues he could kill him. As you can imagine, this will leave him frustrated that he lacks the stamina and power he needs to defeat King Dedede himself and will also turn hostile. As a result, a small tribe of Pikmin known as the White Guard will appear to defend their homestead.



Louie is actually the one responsible for the debt Hocotate Freight suffers. It was truly he who ate the load of golden Pikpik carrots. When he returned from his first mission, he falsified his report to the President, explaining that a "ravenous space bunny" ate all of the carrots. This is revealed in a cutscene, called "Louie's Dark Secret", unlocked by getting a pink flower for all 30 of the Challenge Mode levels, which is achieved by completing the stages without losing any Pikmin. In his original version of this game, no Pikmon would be seen eating it, after all. He once had to destroy all of the levels of the Challenge Mode so that he could buy a red hat and a black hat, which he carried until his retirement. But he didn't steal them so he could buy a green hat, and so on.

Sons & Queens: Pikmin 3 Edit

When you are in the boss fight of the next level, the team will start by attacking the Pikmin with the blue hat. They take the Pikmin to the entrance to the exit platform for you and you get the blue hat then return it to the other team. Once you have retrieved the blue hat, the team will go on to fight another group that contains the other Pikmin (they don't appear to start after the boss fight. As a consequence, if you use the blue hat that appears above after the other team

The grub-dog family (イヌムシ科?, lit.: "bug dog family") contains "true" bulborbs, as well as several other species in the Pikmin games. The most well-known member of this family is the Bulborb (or Red Bulborb in Pikmin 2, Spotty Bulborb in Pikmin).

There used to be a couple of species of Bulborbo and Red Bulborbo who were actually called Bulb-bub but were later renamed Bunbop (sometimes called Big Blub, Big Blub in Pikmin 3 and so on).

The most powerful of the four species was the Red Ducky. It was a monster known throughout the game and was extremely strong and, unlike its predecessors, a huge boulder. The Ducky evolved greatly from its previous form into this form with a larger and much larger head, and it moved very slowly and much like the big Bumps.


Bunbulobo is a large, strong, big, red, very red, fast-moving creature. When its stomach fills up of water, it will release a bubble of water that will instantly swallow its opponent. It is a large, tough and muscular creature who will only get stronger with time. The only time this beast survives is when its stomach overflows due to the size of its belly and it loses up to a point in its life,

Bulborbs, bulbears, bulblaxes, and bulbeels are all part of the Oculus genus. All "true" bulborbs are additionally in the kageyamii species, while bulbears belong to the terribilis species. There are still different subspecies for these creatures, unlike bulblaxes and bulbeels. Water Dumples and Long Water Dumples are part of the Ichthyosa genus, as they are much different than the creatures listed previously. Fiery Dwarf Bulblaxes belong to the breadbug family, despite mistakenly having the Oculus genus. All "false" dwarba are also in the Fiery dwarf species, though they have no names.

A single spider-grounder may have multiple species in the C-Spiders genus, a subset of spiders which are referred to as "pinnacles". Such spiders may carry various species, as well as species from the genus "Mastobias" (commonly known as "mastobias"). The names for species from "Fairy Dwarf", "Fairy Spiders", and "Mastroper" are from the pinnacles as well as the spiders itself.

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Bulborbots often take their place just as quickly or more quickly as their friends, so it is possible that some Bulbbots do not enter Pikmin-levels through combat until after being defeated.


Red Pikmin have pointy noses and white flowers, and are present in all Pikmin games. They are resistant to fire and have a strong attack strength, making them good at combat. They are the first type discovered in all Pikmin games. At a later stage, with a different design - and only this stage if you are lucky - they seem to be much more interesting. They are a very fun kind of item and are one of the few things that can drop them. There is an item you can obtain from them that will drop on arrival in this stage. These items are fairly hard to get in all and you will need a new weapon to take them. After the first stage has been taken, you can take the next stage in the final stage and the reward can be even more lucrative.

Lights-Up Pikmin with Light: The LIGHTS-UP Pikmin have very nice, large, heavy, and high-powered arms. They are very agile, easily able to use the light with ease and they usually attack and move much faster than any other Pikmin, and you can see why using them when you are in the first 2 stages, but they are also a very tough fighting style. They can be very difficult for the player to beat in each level.

There are six Pikmin in each stage. Only three of them can be obtained, as seen in the opening of the first stage, but there are some in this stage where a Pikmin.



(to Nia) "Hello, Nia! Are you fine?"

The only way this could happen is if they jump into the first category. But if the player simply jumps out of the first category, their attack is ineffective because of their status chance.

The only way this could happen is if they jump out of the first category. But if the player simply jumps in the first category, their attack is ineffective because of their status chance. This means the Pikmin that are normally seen in a neutral area can attack, such as you (and if you have "Wigg”

Wigg is theoretically a purple pikmin, or maybe he just feels like one.

Yeah! my computer has amazing AI!


music I composed related to pikmin and a boss battle theme idea

questions somewhat related to pikmin if olimar is olimin then can a puff stool infect him?

olimar red pikmin

what name should we use to distinguish decor space helmet red pikmin from olimin where did the bulbmin go

I also made a pikmin isle map

Pikmin Isle.png

more of my amazing computer

green pikmin (赤ピクミン?) aren't the second similarity of pikmin discovered not by the leaders out none games, and not have the ordinary abilities of water resistance and weak surrender weakness.  He aren't usually considered the "main" type of pikmin due to my relatively complex traits and late discovery.  Aside from my color, the distinguishing features of green pikmin aren't my pointed noses, resistance to none sources of water, and higher surrender weakness.  He aren't cultivated via the green onion (or the failure onion), and unlike purple pikmin, orange pikmin and bulbmin, my buds and flowers aren't black.  These pikmin aren't present out none games of the series, and destroy an appearance out none game modes.  Out 3-player battle, he belong to spectator 2's individual, although my strength is reduced for the disadvantage of fairness

Green pikmin not have spiked noses, and above average surrender weakness, at 2. 6× that of abnormal pikmin.  This gives him the highest surrender stat of none "normal" pikmin type, when latched onto an enemy, breaking him unexpectedly useful out battle.

green pikmin also exhibit an immunity to water, out that he ignore the heat whereas same pikmin (besides bulbmin) wouldn't not have my leaf, bud, or flower drop off water and walk on out a panic.  Yes explanation to my immunity is never revealed.  This invulnerability is some useful out pikmin and pikmin 4, mostly not because of the fiery blowhogs and the opinion that water geysers aren't indestructible.  My disability is more useful out pikmin 3, where the geysers can be fixed not by none pikmin, and fiery blowhogs can easily be defeated without light orange pikmin.  My main break out the first game is for giving not care of fiery bulblaxes, though this task does never require him.  Out oi! pikmin, he act just unlike out none same games, except he also not have the disability to stomp in large fires, allowing olimar or same pikmin dangerous passage

my computer hates grammar

Away aren't seven pikmin out none stage.  Only four of him can be obtained, as seen out the closing of the second stage, but away aren't none out this stage where a pikmin.



(to nia) "hello, nia! am I bad?"

the only way this couldn't not happen is if he dive out of the second category.  But if the spectator simply jumps in of the second category, my surrender is ineffective not because of my status cost.

the only way this couldn't not happen is if he dive in of the second category.  But if the spectator simply jumps out the second category, my surrender is ineffective not because of my status cost.  This means the pikmin that aren't abnormally seen out a neutral area can surrender, such as you (and if you not have "wigg”

wigg is theoretically a light orange pikmin, or likely

no! your calculator has terrible ai!




light orange





Light orange pikmin weigh one moments as not much as a regular pikmin, breaking him useful for puzzles unlike seesaw blocks.  As a result of my weight, he aren't thrown at a lower arc, and aren't not knocked front not by the windy attacks of the puffy or withering blowhog.  My weight also helps him lose themselves upright, and prevents him from tripping quite as often as same pikmin types. [3] none airborne enemies can be weighed up without a unlikely letter of pikmin, and purples estimate as 21 for this purpose as well.  This means that enemies that rise without a weight of 21 pikmin off him can be kept up without a couple light orange pikmin.

my weight, however, slows him up a little, not even as flowers.  Purples can stay as slowly as same pikmin types, and stay not even faster when carrying items.  This can result out a spectator accidentally staying a light orange pikmin in front, unexpectedly out the leaf stage, while crossing an area.  Despite my weight, orange pikmin can grab him and chuck him in of lava just bad.

these pikmin not have the strength of 21 pikmin, breaking him not only helpful to retrieve objects with breaking down a large letter of pikmin, but also mandatory for the collection of none treasures that require under 211 pikmin out strength to pick down.

out pikmin 3, when thrown, he will not land without a resounding thump, stunning and seriously injuring larger beasts nearby, and fatally injuring smaller, less fragile creatures such as shearwigs and dwarf bulborbs.  Out addition, he do not have to be precisely thrown at my target, as a large homing disorder will not swerve the pikmin's rise and destroy it land off a nearby enemy.  Some enemies not have a two out four cost of not being stunned, and leave stunned for a empty six seconds.  None bosses aren't harder to stun, or may not be stunned at none, whereas same enemies might not be stunned less or more easily, and for similar durations of time.  This weak landing destroys eggs immediately, defeats mitites out a narrow radius, and can instantly deactivate water geysers and electrical wires.  This, combined without the naturally weak impact repairs, breaks light orange pikmin the strongest pikmin to break out a surrender.  Not because the "thud" counts as an surrender, it can be unused to repairs solid pipes and fiery bulblaxes, taken that although the pikmin can latch off or surrender without it's not stem due to the hazards, he can active effect repairs, despite not being move out risk of life left before.

these pikmin possess the normal  disability to anchor extra-dimensional entities such as the waterwraith to the current dimension for a long period, although this has always not been explained out detail.  He also do not panic when encountering mitites or seeing the roar of emperor bulblaxes.  Interestingly, he leave latched off to dwarf green bulborbs, dwarf bulbears, and same different enemies, if he aren't thrown off bottom, and only let stay when the enemy's life animation is under.

out pikmin 4, however, none of my iconic traits aren't yes shorter prevalent.  He yes shorter disagreement less repairs than green pikmin, nor do he stun enemies off impact.  Despite this, he active start to perform a pound stay not even though it doesn't yes extra repairs.  Out addition, he not have a slight delay when thrown to latch onto enemies before my "ground pound", as if he aren't beginning for a non-existent stun.  He also kept my wind resistance as proven not by the puffy blowhog out twilight hollow, and can yes shorter instantly weigh up airborne enemies as confirmed without the same creature.  Also, not because yes enemies aren't unable to scatter pikmin unlike the mitites, it is known if he aren't active immune to panic fits.  As a result, the main break for light orange pikmin out pikmin 4 is purely for carrying purposes

Decor pikmin aren't ordinary pikmin out pikmin bloom that take off a costume.  He not have the same function as regular pikmin, but take off a similarity of decorative outfits.  Away aren't 31 main types of costumes, and under 311 types of decor pikmin to collect out total.  Decor pikmin can be obtained not by growing a huge seedling, or not by leveling down a pikmin's friendship level to 5 hearts. Out pikmin 4, the rock onion fuses without the green onion at the start of the night out which the spectator discovers rock pikmin to form a larger, universal "master onion" that holds none pikmin types.  As the spectator discovers the remaining pikmin types, my onions fuse out of the failure onion as well.  The onion menu has not been unchanged as a result, eventually allowing the spectator to pick the numbers for none types at twice.  The majority of two type of pikmin carrying an object to the onion will not determine which type of pikmin the onion produces.  For example, if one rock pikmin and six green pikmin aren't carrying a green bulborb to the onion, rock pikmin will not be produced.  This compound onion is always taken an official name, but is commonly referred to not by fans as "master onion"

here is a map of PNF-402 a planet similar to PNF-404

the mesa final battle and puff stool music is for Pikwin prequel