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Ever since I was a kid, I have been a fan of the Pikmin series, and now I eagerly await Pikmin 3's release. I stumbled upon this Wikia not too long ago when I was researching more about Pikmin 3. Since there was an article titled Pikmin 3, I naturally checked it out. After discovering that this wiki was based upon fandom, I figured: "Hey, I like Pikmin, and I like fandom.. This seems like a good site!"

Now, I haven't been on this Wikia for a very long time, but I would assume that it will be good to me. To start of my "Journey" on this site, I am going to create a few fake spin-offs of old, recognizable Pikmin enemies, starting with my personal favorite, the Waterwraith.


Daemn Wraith

The Daemn Wraith

General Info|

The Daemn Wraith, for starters, is not an innately hostile creature, in fact, it would rather keep to itself than to attack something that encroaches on it's territor. That is not to say however, that this Wraith is friendly. Far from it. This Wraith is quite a bit larger than a Normal Waterwraith, but it is relatively slower, and not as intent on attacking. The Daemn Wraith is the only one of it's species, and it can be found on the twenty third sublevel of the cave Altus Specus. Though it is difficult to defeat, it won't actually attack unless the treasure that resides on the final sublevel is taken. There is no reward for defeating this Wraith.

History and Lore|

The Daemn Wraith is said to be the spectral disruption of an old mythical entity that was trapped in limbo during one of it's trips between the Physical World and the Spiritual World. Something in this Limbo state corrupted this once great being, making it into a Wraith. It is said that if the presence that corrupted this Wraith was destroyed, it would return to it's former glory as a protector of the Physical World. Even though the Daemn Wraith has been corrupted, it still refuses to harm the living of this realm, and will continue to do so... Unless someone happened to steal his artifact..

Floor Map|

Daemn Wraith dungeon.png

It is a very large floor that is near the same size as the Pikmin map "The Final Trial"

It may be a bit difficult to see the details, but this is a rough outline as to what the map looks like. Each of the colors to the left represent some portion of the map, though their counterparts in the outline picture may be difficult to see.

Daemn Wraith color key.png
  1. Light Blue: This color represents what water there may be on the map.
  2. Maroon: This color represents the size, and the spawning point of the Daemn Wraith.
  3. Neon Green: This color represents the Research Pod's holographic projection. By comparison, this Wraith is approximately four times the size of the Research Pod.
  4. Dark Blue: This color represents the geyser. It shows that you are capable of leaving the cave before actually attacking the Wraith.
  5. Tan: Though it may be hard to see, this is the gate that separates the Research Pod from the rest of the zone. It must be destroyed it you wish to leave the cave.
  6. Brown: This is another gate, but it is too large to be destroyed by Pikmin. Once the Treasure (Represented by Pink) has been moved by a Pikmin, the gate will open in a cutscene.
  7. Black: This color represents the walls, and otherwise impassible boundaries of the map. Nothing more to be said.

Attacking Strategies|

Though attacking this Wraith is entirely optional, if you do feel like taking it on - or you just didn't recover the treasure in time - you will likely run into some form of trouble. This enemy is HUGE, and you can only harm it by throwing Purple Pikmin on the Daemn Wraith's back whilst it raises the front roller and roars. If the Purple landed properly, the entire Wraith should turn more translucent, and it will brace for attack, not dissimilar to it's Watery counterpart. Once it is in this state, it is susceptible to all forms of damage for about thirty seconds. With three seconds left on the Daemn Wraith's internal clock, its entire body will begin to shudder. This is your cue to recall all of your Pikmin, as it is about to release a wave of destruction that will kill any Pikmin on the Wraith. Repeat this process a goodly amount of times and the Daemn Wraith's rollers will break, and it will melt into the floor. It is not gone, as you will eventually encounter it later... But that is a story for another day.