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New sig

I've already got this one, for normal use.

I'm Cyan piklord 64 icon.pngCyan piklord 64, and I like the Foundation Dweevil!

Now I've also got this one for use when I intend to adopt a page or section, or fill in sections of a community project.

I'm MineNowJohn.pngCyan piklord 64, and I call dibs on this page or section!

To-Do List

  • Make bosses for all of User:PurplePikminPower's families, many of which as far as I can tell only contain one or a few enemies and those are poorly written
  • Make bosses for all of the other families that don't have boss enemies in them (never gonna happen but hey, you can hope.)
  • Re-do the art for all those spooky enemies I made because I lost the piece of paper I was drawing them on
  • Make the Tutorials page eventually or have someone else do it
  • Greet the new users
  • Areas maybe?
  • Probably Dungeons first
  • Remember to call the Dungeons and not Caves
  • E
  • Not be murdered
  • Start a black market for Japanese soda out of my locker maybe?
  • Create pages for Purp's families because why would any logical entity organize anything
  • Have a little [[HYPERLINK BLOCKED]] in the morning
  • Ok maybe get murdered every once in a while
  • Make new templates when someone asks
  • Make new sigs when asked
  • Make new Game Templates when asked
  • Contribute to Project Cleanup (And by that I mean edit Purp's crap)
  • Contribute to Project Cleanup (for real this time)
  • Ask User talk:Neini about the Chattering Randire and the Minirandire again
  • Remember all those talk sections you made on random people's pages regarding help with REDACTED? Yeah, your sig image is everywhere now. I think anyways.

My userbox

Cyan piklord 64's Leaning userbox tower of Info and other things!
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And now my ranks:

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And lastly, my friends:

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