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Wraith said it was ok to add a cup and some characters+carts to PFUR, so here we go.


Cube Cup

Formidable Oak, P3

Salem Swamp, PDW

Ancient Metalworks, PWW

Dark Moon, PUD

Cube Cup Unlocks


Plasm Wraith



Dark Pikmin (Pikmin Reloaded)


Cube Cart

Gladiator's Throne

KHA Racer

Dolphin Lander Trike


By completing the Cube Cup, the farthest-right cup on the bottom row, and the Onion Cup, the farthest-right cup on the top row, both with a Gold Trophy on at least 150 CC, you unlock the Cave Cup, the last cup in the game, filled with the most difficult tracks of all. They are all based either on final Areas or final Caves.