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This is the header by... Me of course. This user page is where I put anything, my own trivias about me, and anything.

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For the Pikipedia and Fandom accounts, see Darryl Omg and Paintsoldier.
Darryl Omg
Gender Demiboy
Pronouns They/Them, He/Him, He/They
Sexuality Asexual
Country Brazil
Specie Human (definitively)

A random user, also, known as Paintsoldier (Fandom), I don't use this username anymore. Not some my ideas may be the best but I use some references to stuffs and make ideas not much like the rest, but I also try to make references on their names or stuffs, for example, the Blikmin, specifically the Pikumin cuz it was merged to there by Soundwave, anyways, back to the thing, the Pikumin is based on the one Pikmin japanese name (see below) or any other thing. I was also named "JuiceShardy" which I asked and fortunately got changed, like, I put it instead of Darryl Omg and regret quickly.

I'm also working on the game Pikmin 2... Again?. And for now this is the page amount, the articles in that case being of 5,588. And the one who thinks Pikmin: Dusk and Dawn sounds good, but also like most others. I don't see Louie as that of a main antagonist though, not that much at least. I'm currently working on a miraheze wiki which is the Robert Alvarez Wiki and G-Switch Wiki (could name it G-Swiki but anyways, it is currently private) which is about all games made by Robert Alvarez, and the G-Switch wiki is about the G-Switch games, I used to be working on a Bomber Friends wiki but I canceled it for not being much good specially due to another fandom wiki about the same game, when I almost complete this new one, I may consider to make ones for all Coolmath or Poki games, or even as well the not popular Gold Tower Defence (basically Kingdom Rush but online and stuffs).

Well, maybe I'll be on this more than in Fandom, in first place i'm not even active in there anymore though anyways, this wiki has less vandals or none so far at least and stuffs so yeah, I like that wiki, even if it has no Fandom-like discussion feature or comments to put, or blog posts, but still sounds more fun. At first I didn't knew what to do, first when I joined the wiki I did the thing of putting my Pikmin as my own versions in pages (probably due to PvZCC wiki), so i learned not to, then doing the Blooming Sliturnip I did this as I would do i think, but seeing that Cheepy-Cheepy put a sections thing as well as another infobox and stuffs I also learned what to do until a point I finally knew more stuffs to being a normal user on the wiki, in that case, also to fix pages and stuffs as i'm for now. Also, apparently nigreos as a scientific name you can't put even it refers to the color, well, at first I thought they only did that cause it was about only the color, but apparently for another reason as seen on this this talk page. I also have lots of stuffs through my history of not-even-a-year (the funny part is that on the {{News}} for my Gloomy Blowhog they said thanks for all my years on the wiki if a wasn't there for even a year yet, but i will soon, much months still needed to, though), for example, when I named the squortle family originally as Squirtle as of the word "squirt" but changed to get two random letters, not like the Squirtle from Pokemon that was a mix of "Squirt" and "Turtle", until I realized its already known existence, I knew it and the series, but i couldn't remember each one for a hour basically, better saying I couldn't remember their NAME, well, I also make many stuffs based on other things, unlike most of those usually, well, some peoples do at least, and in that case, see my trivia, its below, good luck reading it cause like, most of the bytes of this user page are from this huge trivia. Well, on Fandom, I was worse, but in that I improved to normal then, but the the one I'm refering that I was bad at was like at the Cookia Run Kingdom and PvZCC I think (I don't plan to be on this wiki anymore, or maybe I'll get enough motivation to do more ideas in there?), well, on the Doors and Super Bomb Survival wikis I basically did many unique ideas at least, well, those weren't much popular, and after mine's I saw other ideas suspiciously like the mine, but I said nothing about that. Until I got to better but I doubt I can return to Fandom, this place is kinda chaotic and drama usually, and common vandalism of course, and stuffs, well, discussion made Fandom more social, but usually it is as said the fights that may happen and etc.

As well, I may dislike something done, but I say nothing and act normal. I liked the Pikmin series, so that how I got here at the end. In that case, this wiki isn't as dead as most Fandom wikis, good to know, though, would still view what's happening there, too! But I imagine there will be someone that does something that breaks the rule and that do everything bad one day, or not based those are rare, so that's good! Well, I remember Pikmin, and well, its good, so seeing it again was how and why I got here. Oh, also, Cheepy-Cheepy is the one and only user I call them by other names such as the "user of the name of the Mario fish enemy", "King Boo" and others, but King Boo has to be my most common one, actually, I never called him as "Cheepy" by what i know so far, King Boo is to scare peoples to think the literal King Boo will come... No, actually its just good King Boo that will also put the welcome message or another one if I already put it. Also, I use "They/Them" for most users, in that case, or its when I don't know their pronouns or I forgot them, but I don't remember calling them as "he" or "she", though... Oh nevermind I used "him" for King Boo on the user page. This wiki had only a few blocked users, but no recent users from this year at least vandalized or did other bad stuffs on this wiki, the thing isn't even that but most user blocked as for now are users who are like inactive for a long time, one didn't even made a edit. In that case, its a good thing there is not much vandals for now (Doors Ideas Wiki had many examples of vandals that vandalized some of my pages which i reverted on my return to Fandom). My other username is "Darryl Omgai", I'm also called only as "Darryl" which they remove the "Omg", my alternate username is "Blower Pot", which I plan to rename to, though, I'm unsure, like, change name twice? Or that's not so bad based Zoadra renamed themself THRICE. In Inkipedia my current account is named "Harpy", the character from the Puyo Puyo series, but I'm not much active in Inkipedia, though.

Well, I like to see my ideas being actually used, well, for versions of a page this has less chance but anyways, well, based I came kinda recently, though I already made lots ideas, not all my ideas were put on other fanon games, also, my wither page, maybe a new page for it will be added, well, from what I know, Pikmin: Dual Worlds was the first and only fanon game to put wither as a clearly a hazard, well Pikmin Evolution only mentions it as a link so I'm not sure if it also counts. But for now Pikmin Dual Worlds didn't added a wither page, yet, but it gained a icon, well from his version, the wither has currently no Pikmin 2-like icon. I do pixel art using Piskel, too, though i'm bad at pixel art, so I only did simplier arts, but I also did some Pikmin sprites copying the ones of other sprites. Well, once I did a isometric sprite from Robert Alvarez's Isotiles. Or even Runner from Run 3, not perfect but anyways. It would be good if it had those IbisPaint X style of circle tool that you could also do only semicircles if you want. Well, later I made sprites in many frames, so basically animating them! I make pixel art versions of other games, mostly simple ones such as the Robert Alvarez such. I don't have Discord, but based they are there and say about stuff about Pikmin Fanon probably, so there's lot stuffs I missed, I'm gonna guess its like about the ideas on the wiki, I don't know if they said about my creations, I'm not on their Discord server to know.

I'm working on a Wario Land fangame named Wario Land: A Line to the Riches.


Pikmin 2... Again? info

What if it was another story...?
This article or section pertains to Pikmin 2... Again?, a fanon game created by Darryl Omg.

Imagine your Pikmin 2 but as a alternate sequel, this time on a debt of not 30000 (reference to the old debt from Pikmin: Decayed Leaf that now is the same as of my fanon game) but much more, 50000, and as if 10000 wasn't already much on Pikmin 2. But much more, like Louie for some reason sleeping, the guy just fell from the cockpit and already got on sleep mode, next to the Onion of course. But some difficult added and more puzzle elements, well, when you knew there's the Pesky Grabbit its at least one thing to know why. As well, i thought on Pikmin 3 the Rock Pikmin and Winged Pikmin were much more OP, but worse, Pikmin 4 just gave all Pikmin types Onions. So i thought to bring that thing of candypop buds to make Pikmin back, it ended like that, i planned the following things: first, Red, Yellow, Blue and Original Pikmin are weaker, so those can have their own Onions, the ones which are more OP get only to be got from candypops, except the Glow Pikmin an Bulbmin. For Glow Pikmin its cause its not something you'll find at the day and neither have a Onion, and then for Bulbmin the same reason but becasue they are literally Red Bulborbs, did you ever saw Bulborbs being produced in that way? Well, those still have no pellets becasue why would them need those? For the real-endgame you becomes basically able to do everything for fun, example being to spawn Bulbmin and Glow Pikmin, but it would be like lime and sandy tan if they ever had, but who will never have. Also, many stuffs on this game are not the same as of Pikmin 2, in that case, on the story of Pikmin 2 the Bulbmin and the Waterwraith were discovered, but in this game, they were never discovered on the history, so for this game, those two stuffs and maybe more of those are things that on the story never happened on Pikmin 2 Again, well, possibly the original Bulbmin isn't the same as the Pikmite, specially cause its a alternate sequel. Also, it had many "updates", in that case, it started as with only 13 Pikmin, those being the Red, Yellow, Blue, Purple, White, Bulbmin, Rock, Winged, Ice, and Glow Pikmin, and the newcomers being the Green Pikmin, Brown Pikmin, and the Lichen Pikmin (formerly known as Dark Pikmin), so three new Pikmin, not much but okay, but it then on a new "update" it added the Mushroom Pikmin alongside the Walking Golden Pikpik Carrot (formerly known as Pikpik Carrot and then Walking Pikpik Carrot), which used to be called "Pikpik Carrot" simply. Then after that i added even more new Pikmin, the Original Pikmin, Claw Pikmin, Cursed Pikmin, Slime Pikmin, Dart Pikmin, Pixel Pikmin (the last Pikmin type added to the game, and the most recent one, but this one is only for non-story game modes, so I think there won't be any more Pikmin types for story mode), and if we can even count even if not playable, the Pikmite, totallizing in monstrous 11 new Pikmin, ending in 23 Pikmin, but i think that's enough. Or may I get more ideas? Well, also, when I was making this game, I of course saw the game article guidelines, as well seeing King Boo's Pikmin: Wide World for a example. So yeah, later, I did more stuffs, such as soundtrack section, using the same strategy, though I removed it to be moved then to a subpage for my game later. By coincidence, Pikmin 2... Again? was made as basically a expansion to Pikmin 2, and with many stuffs from most other series, except some, for example the larger enemies though I'm gonna make bigger variants of enemies, though, they will have differences from the normal ones rather than being just for example a Fiery Blowhog but overgrown, though when I first saw those it looked more like those stuffs from Bugsnax: Isle of Bigsnax with the same enemies but bigger and slightly harder. Which Pikmin: Decayed Leaf was also meant to be a Pikmin 2 expansion, as shown on Soundwave's userpage, except they put a bunch of every enemy from the series. For mine though i choose the enemies i think that could return, well, the Hairy Bulborb i'll buff it, but due to the Frosty Bulborb being similar to the Hairy Bulborb, i removed the Frosty Bulborb. And stuffs, well, so yeah. But though i add other user's ideas to my stuffs, well, the Glowling wasn't a enemy to be found, instead being mentioned, and how the Gloomstools existed, well, the Glowling while this gone then extinct like lots of years later, well, its at least cause both were quite similar... Well. Well, before Pikmin 4, I always thought weird that they just gave the Rock Pikmin and Winged Pikmin their own Onion, based well, the Purple and White Pikmin were OP which was why they had their own Onion, so those two debutters from Pikmin 3 having a Onion was something strange but I understand why, at least cause there's no caves. Also, before making this game, I did ideas as "user versions", however, after I finally did this game I moved all them to the "in fanon games" section. The Green and Brown Pikmin are my first and maybe the most unique Pikmin types I made probably, being like made when I just joined the wiki, well, and this all while i was using my now removed Pikmin Creator from Character.AI, which I got suddenly the idea of Pikmin, but myself got those ideas, well, I removed this later due to the AI being not much smart and made bad ideas or at least thought everything you said was a attempt to make another idea and etc, being converted into the Ice Pikmin AI instead then. Well, my game has a monstrous amount of Pikmin, but it has no more like 26 (reference: Pikmin I) or even 29 (reference: Pikmin: Decayed Leaf), this is cause I have a thing that all Pikmin have to be unique, that's why Bulbmin was reworked, well, I wouldn't want to have like 4 (reference: Pikmin: Decayed Leaf, again), cause i don't want to have types too unoriginal, well, or at least the Bulbmin in Pikmin: Decayed Leaf is basically the Glow Pikmin but kinda worse, at least cause the Glow Pikmin were like used to defeat Nebula and stuffs, while this the Bulbmin is trapped in caves, being basically a Glow Pikmin with less advantages, making them pretty useless compared to the Glow Pikmin, even the Glow Pikmin being found at night. Well, the Ice Pikmin and Glow Pikmin also were changed, but it was ONLY cause they were OP, and based I wanted to make Pikmin 2... Again? harder, but also balanced at least, I nerfed them, but for the Ice Pikmin i kinda reworked them. Well, I did many stuffs to make Pikmin 2... Again? a game that could make the Pikmin series better, for example how Pikmin 4 was too easy, so removing Oatchi (and cause well this isn't Pikmin 4 anymore, so Oatchi isn't on the timeline), and nerfing Ice Pikmin and Glow Pikmin, then, buffing all Pikmin that they made weaker, and stuffs, oh and the Blue Pikmin, giving them that trait to save drowning Pikmin, so they won't be the most useless Onion Pikmin. When 1 aprilth comes I'll do some stuffs, of course, and of course april fools, but i won't spoil you of what i'll do. And I'll be the first user maybe to do a april fools "update".

To-do List

  • I to make more sand and slime enemies.
  • Populate most my older or other ideas, if those i can make other hazard-using versions.
  • Get more ideas for Pikmin 2... Again? and finish it finally.
  • Update my old vegetation version page.
  • Update the trivia for get up-to-date, and specially my Piklopedia and Treasure Hoard and expand this one.
  • Expand all smaller pages, i'm now going to make pages with more information, not only ones that simply list their new traits, at least. As well, expand my games piklopedia and treasure hoard.
  • Update the Supreme Dweevil, cause I changed lots stuffs. And rename it to "Lord of Bugs".
  • Wait (forever) for they add the recent changes back. It is still off for this year, which is sad cause with this I could see who was active in there, or if a user was watching here.
  • Update many stuffs, specially the intro, to make it as it is from as of my Hocotate Ship's page expansion.
  • A surprise when april fools come...


About Me

  • White Pikmin, Rock Pikmin, and Winged Pikmin are cute to me. But White Pikmin is the most cute in that case.
  • I made this account on 26 march of 2023 (actually at the same day i made my Pikipedia account, though this one was easier becasue there wasn't that thing of waiting a day for edit at least), and already knew how to edit, maybe by some things... Anyways. Which then i stopped simply for a good time before a comeback then in 11 april, and then coming back again in 29 may. To just to get basically more active than ever to how it is for now.
  • I usually like to see the information when they made the accounts or what were the edits of new users that join, or just wait to see what they'll do in that case, too. But the funniest part was when i looked to see when Cheepy-Cheepy, I instead pressed at one but without the "-", the Cheepy Cheepy, see the difference? Well anyways, which was basically a copy of Cheepy-Cheepy which simply existed there and put a message on their wall calling them a impostor, the block was quick no doubt. I wonder what more I can find looking for those older stuffs that this wiki had on its story. For example such as this this talk page which show how Zoadra was in their youth (aka oldest times), like, this whole chat basically was crazy, well, at least I know how Zoadra was compared to today at least, we learn something new each day. Or this also talk page which the Peach Bulborb, a currently never-seen-again staff member mistakenly welcome a bot, this made me laugh no doubt.
  • My favorite colors are purple and pink, but I hate no colors. Purple and pink combination is the main colors I use, well, in that case, better, saying, its indigo and light magenta, they look cool mixed.
  • My friend userbox the {{DarrylFriend}} uses the four colors of poison from the Pikmin series, in total three colors poison was recolored, and counting Pikmin 2... Again?, four, those being: reddish-purple in Pikmin 2 and Hey! Pikmin (gaseous form only), purple in Pikmin 3 (unused) and Hey! Pikmin (liquid form only), turquoise in Pikmin 4, and grayish violet in Pikmin 2... Again?.
  • I associated colors with many elements, each one has to be of a unique color for me, so for example there can't be two elements that are red and etc. Anyways:
    • I associate obviously red with fire.
    • I asscoiate blue with water.
    • I associate yellow with electricity.
    • I associate purple with poison, in that case I used real purple for poison once, and well, for my game i made it purplish, but a blackcurrant/grayish violet.
    • I associate green with plants.
    • I associate pink with magic (by many reasons, firstly cause magic were usually... Well magic... And pink kinda fits for representing magic).
    • I associate black with night and stuffs. Such as shadow.
    • I associate cyan with ice, mostly due to water which is blue, so choose another slightly closer yet different color.
    • I associate lime with chemical stuffs, or slime and acid.
    • I associate gray with stone or the sad non-elemental (aka normal), but it was used for my wither hazard.
    • I associate brown with earth, or mud, and stuffs.
    • I associate white with wind or even light, for wind once i made it as also a yellowish once.
    • I associate orange with nothing as of i remember, maybe lava? Well, to give this sad, lonely color, it'll represent slime.
  • My least favorite canon hazard is the confusion.
  • My name is based on the Brawl Stars mobile game, which was popular in 2020 which was when I first made this username. Anyways, back to the thing, its based on the brawler Darryl, it was based of how some peoples on YouTube had their names after brawler and ending in "omg" so why not. Not that I'm a fan of this game anymore after it died but my time on 2020 when it was very alive it was fun. Though, this username was so old it became my main username used basically. So yeah this username has a big history.
  • I have weird dreams, from a rolling boulder that rolled slowly and then disappeared to one that passed on a dark school with Red Dwarf Bulborb and even a bigger green one.
  • I really dislike when a fanon games put the Bulbmin and Glow Pikmin on the same game, not that i'm saying the two shouldn't be on the same game, its just that most peoples make both with the same trait: be resistant to many hazards and stuffs. In that case, some give them a bit of difference, such as being found on caves and the other at night, but its still very unoriginal. But the worst example is Pikmin 8: The World Beyond, Bulbmin is there but then the Glow Pikmin added its the same thing but with a resistance to ice, making Bulbmin useless on this game, though, having both a Cyan Pikmin and Ice Pikmin is the same thing but the Cyan Pikmin having average stats and the Ice Pikmin have lower damage and most likely still able to freeze enemies, well, the Cyan Pikmin was removed to anyways, though, the idea of having a Pikmin types resistant to simply one or two or few more hazards that another Pikmin type was already there to be resistant to it excluding the Glow Pikmin. But still I always find those bad ideas. In that case, i reworked Bulbmin for that reason, and cause the fact it was resistant to many hazards made literally no sense (like it's a normal Red Bulborb not the ultimate Bulblax) unless we are talking about the logic that enemies seem to be not affected by no hazards except the interactions of the mandiblards with the water, and explosions, no joke but as well in Pikmin 2 they even put for some reason a Fiery Blowhog, yeah, a Fiery Blowhog underwater, what it was doing here is a question that will be never answered, I wonder if this game has the logic that Blue Pikmin can burn in there... Who knows. Though, Bulbmin reworked wasn't so new: on Pikmin: Wide World the Bulbmin are kinda reworked to be not that good as it used to be, losing their resistances but kinda good or combat, so it was the first to do that, and according to their background of Cheepy-Cheepy's page, their idle glow or main color is mint, i think, and most likely to the Green Pikmin who debuts in that game. Well, I also don't like Pikmin types other than Pikmin types made to be resistant to lots hazards, namely the Glow Pikmin, those are such as Pikmin also resistant to fire even if there's Red Pikmin, or simply two poison-resistant Pikmin, and stuffs. Pikmin I though at least has the Bulbmin types more different, why lots variants of Bulbmin? But their resistances are to elements, and all being resistant to bubbles, whatever the reason. Though i'm not sure how it'll be for the Bulbmin, well, the 26 Pikmin of the game, like that 5 more than my game, and 9 are Bulbmin variants, if we include the Breadmin. Now I wonder what does the Pikmin I Red Bulbmin does...
  • I'm asexual (no sexual attractions, well, i just don't want to have any), and demiboy as said before on my Pikipedia account, as well as on this page before, being both male and non-binary, so that's why you see both the {{male}} and {{nonbinary}} userboxes on the tower the userboxes habit.
  • As said on my Pikipedia account, I thought the Bearded Amprat was a dog... Well, i didn't specified it but it was cause I didn't knew what species it was based on, and I thought it resembled Floquinho from Turma da Monica, so that was why I thought it was based on a dog.
  • My biggest page for Pikmin 2... Again? must be the Bulbmin, well, i gave it so many changes this page is pretty big. Well, if course, I will never do a Bulbmin variant, not only cause having the normal one is already enough but also cause well, as I said I would do Pikmin types resistant to other hazards another Pikmin was made to be resistant to, excluding the Glow Pikmin.
  • I usually use "She/Her" for the Hocotate Ship and S.S. Dolphin 2, well, of course they are genderless but I usually use female pronouns for those two, but I never put this on articles, refering to them just as "it". Well, but apparently most peoples just use male pronouns for the Hocotate Ship, or at least its probably cause peoples just presume anything is male.

Fanon Facts

  • The helmit family is a mix of "hermit" of hermit crab and "helmet" becasue well, those things no doubt will handle many bonks or in that case every, and the "hermit" becasue... Becasue i don't know actually.
  • The Pikumin's name reference the japanese translated name of the Pikmin which is the same thing as its name.
  • The buds and flowers of the new Pikmin types introduced in Pikmin 2 Again are based on the unused ones for the Winged and Rock Pikmin in Pikmin 3 which were meant to be blue.
  • Pikmin 2... Again? was supposed to pass after Pikmin 4 until i realized in like Pikmin 3 the Hocotate Ship died a long time (or in that case wrecked).
  • The salgun family is a mix of "salmon" and "gun", not i'm saying i thought Gatling Groink was a salmon, but salmons are also fishes, so i found a chance to make that name for that family.
  • The Guumlix's name is based on gum, based on how that thing is. And the "lix" becasue all of the Goolix family have that on the name, and then the two "u" on the name is also on how they all have two of those letters on their name.
  • The flinghorn family members were meant to work different, they would instead be able to charge at Pikmin knocking them back, but i decided to not to make it, which coincidence, then they made the Tusked Blowhog which was similar to my original idea, which really made me leave the flinghorns scrapped, they didn't even had a name before. Until i got a new idea, them just launching you up, and this ended into it finally getting made finally. Ah and if you wonder when I thought on the idea, it was like when i started to make enemy pages, like the Leafwing Beetle, the Dusty Cottonflight, actually the flinghorn was meant to be made after the Leafwing but I scrapped. Which i just replaced it with the Slapping Scrabbit.
  • Wither was meant to never have a own page, instead as exclusive from Wither Progg until I got more ideas.
  • Lichen Pikmin's thing of their flower stages focusing on damage not speed was based on the fact I first thought maturity increased damage not speed.
  • The main reason why I rename and remade the Glow seed was becasue how there was the glowseed and how the stuffs of inventory already got removed in Pikmin 2 Again for sound too OP, so I made them as instead as sparkles then, which were more of a "Use it if you have courage" more than the type of just throwing and adding them.
  • The Froggy Long Legs' name may seem strange, cuz its not a frog, well, the "Froggy" means like a frog, but in that case referencing its long tongue and how it gets on water places, and the "Long Legs" I don't think i need to explain. Well, on my first Froggy Long Legs concept, the name started from my first thought, "Froggy" cause of its tongue attack as a joke.
  • Wither got lots of color changes, at first it was gray, then a black but more near green, then purplish, and then to yellow-green and finally back to gray, dark gray, and finally to greenish gray.
  • The genus of the squortle family, Pseudosus, the "pseudo" means fake, referencing on how they mimic blowhogs in most physical features but more of a ranged attack, and "Sus" is for pig like from the Blowhog family genus.
  • Brown Pikmin is based on the flying squirrels, but also most its mechanics such as clinging on walls, gliding, are all based on the flying squirrel Mario from the New Super Mario Bros.
  • The main reason why i made the Meggpie family was cuz there had no enemies based on moths that were more insectoid. Which again, was before the Snowfake Fluttertail. But i gave them a unique thing of acting different depending on who it is.
  • Twigbug family member names are based on how climbing sticks used to be called twigs by fans until Pikmin 3.
  • The Buzztraw family has that name not cuz of traws, its a pun of "Buzz" from the sounds mosquitos make and "Straw", "Where's the 'S' then?", well, its based on how it is spelled, which at a point those "Z" sounds like "S" then.
  • Each color of flitterbie in Pikmin 2... Again? represents a Pikmin type. Excluding the Bulbmin and the Mushroom Pikmin. But as well as the game's Unmarked Spectralid.
  • Bulbmin's trait of being undetected by enemies and to not to be even eaten is based on how in the Pikmin series the enemies can't even harm eachother or even interact with eachother (usually), but also how i thought it would be weird of a Bulborb eating a Bulbmin based they are like both the same specie technically, and specially the adult Bulbmin that can eat your Bulbmins from the squad, not forgetting that so that's the ultimate reason why then.
  • Actually, from my start, Green and Brown Pikmin were my first ones made so they get the title of the two veterans (when i say that i mean, something that was there on the first creation, or also on the first game or thing, this is what i prefer to call as). But the Blooming Sliturnip gets the place as the first enemy i made.
  • Speaking of Nightmare Den also, its name is the opposite of the Dream Den and instead of dream it is nightmare. Well, when i think about it the difficult also would make the name fit based that thing has monstrous 30 floors, and the Supreme Dweevil that has one of the arsenal of more of 20 weapons which would take a big time boss fights actually. So better i just to add lots, LOTS of Flashpetals for compensate at least maybe.
  • The main reason i nerfed (or in that case for the Ice Pikmin also did some changes), or in that case gave a balancing, at least a bit, it was becasue both were OP as i knew, but i was also going to put those two on my game, so what i did was to balance them but also to not to become a garbage at least. Becasue well, my plans were to make Pikmin 2 Again very hard so that just yet another reason.
  • Spiny Long Legs gets mentioned on Froggy Long Legs' Olimar's notes, which is a reference to the older concept of the Froggy Long Legs which instead could impale Pikmin with its footpad-less legs but still the tongue, but wasn't meant to live in watery places and in lily pads. Until I got the final idea, the newer Froggy Long Legs which was finally really amphibious, but i then mentioned the older concept as a reference now as Spiny Long Legs on its notes as a long-extinct specie, which evolved into our Froggy Long Legs. Actually, same was for the Glowling, it doesn't appears but is as a mention, this time as a also extinct specie that evolved to the Gloomstools, i thought on that becasue both were similar and taller, just some differences.
  • The Pikmin 2... Again? idea was becasue I thought on making what if Pikmin 4 had more difficult and stuffs, well, not it has everything from Pikmin 4 also, but it does have some enemies from Pikmin 4. But also i thought on a better Pikmin 2, in that case, a sequel but on that timeline of Pikmin 2, but again and retaining the "2". In that making it to what would fix the Pikmin series. Too, to give players fun stuffs such as the Cave Creator, but i plan to give more stuffs to it, to make players more stuffs they can do, and a upcoming feature, but I won't spol it.
  • The Original Pikmin is based on the Pikmin type seen on one single of Olimar's voyage log from Pikmin 1 which some include a mysterious Pikmin with no special physical features seen but as well as the probably the same one but with a light gray color in that case on the Pikmin 1 icon when without any Pikmin on the squad. I thought on it as the first Pikmin EVER to exist then in that case but also becasue i would like to actually make it a new type. Based on how a Pikmin type with just to not to have no physical features is unique, so i imagine for that they could be as the first type, but then other different types started to exist and stuffs.
  • Glass Bell was meant to kill Pikmin that got inside it with a so louyd ring that they die. I scrapped this for good reasons.
  • The main reason for my Bulbmin rework was for obvious reasons, based there's Glow Pikmin, i won't just make the Bulbmin just like as in the previous game, or else it would be just a copy of the Glow Pikmin, though most peoples just did that thing of making both the same thing but in different places to get. So just to not to make it like that, i of course reworked it, in that case, first of all, i got based on this fact that on the game the enemies always ignored and couldn't harm eachother, and Bulbmin is a Red Bulborb, so i thought to make the Bulbmin resistant entirely to be eaten, but with a HP which they can lose by many ways which it can recover but if to zero they die, and can bit enemies, but less powerful on caves, well, i gave Bulbmin less stuffs that i'll in that case make them able to be brought out of cavesm oh and also, Bulbmins are slower.
  • Wither is based on those status effect stuffs from RPGs but modified to the Pikmin games' style.
  • Cakeslide's name was going to be "Slidecake", but i thought to just reverse it to "Cakeslide", basically, i imagine all legged shellcake could have this name who knows, which the words are reversed.
  • I changed poison to lots color, but the pink one when i thought on the Doodlebug if it was around with this new poison color, it would look like unicorn fart so that's why i scrapped this one. Changing to a grayish violet.
  • Walking Golden Pikpik Carrot was originally orange, just like as they were already, but due to i making the Claw Pikmin which was orange, so i changed it to golden (light-yellow) just like the golden pikpik carrots, mentioned and then seen really on Louie's Dark Secret on Pikmin 2, which they were light-yellow, well, to avoid confusion with Yellow Pikmin i of course made them as a lighter yellow, but also to obey how golden pikpik carrots looked like in Pikmin 2. As well, they were formerly named Pikpik Carrots only, then renamed to Walking Golden Pikpik Carrots then, in that case, they were kinda reworked on a part once, due to the original Original Pikmin which was going to take its traits, then to be resistant to acid and explosions... And finally to magic, formerly purple magic until i changed it to pink.
  • My notes for the Bulbmin from Olimar are basically my view on the Bulbmin, i always saw them as the name for the Bulborbs hosts of a Pikmite instead of Bulbmin being its name.
  • My Claw Pikmin were going to work as being diggers like as they are, but i also wanted to include a special command that they could get on their sprout state on command. But i ended forgetting that and put the one thing from one my oldest revisions of my userpage, "The Section" which is said about a idea of how Spiky Pikmin, mostly orange-colored, could be as to make them different from White Pikmin.
  • Actually, i was when making each Pikmin links colored to make it cooler, i realized white was the wiki's background color, actually i already knew in first place. Until i remembered that someone said the white pellets were slightly blue so you could see the number, this gave me a idea, i gone to colorhex and put at the blue one and making white slightly blue so, and that worked to make it slightly more visible. So on my infobox, which that isn't needed, i just made it totally white.
  • The idea of the sprinkler was based on someone comment which gave the idea of the sprinkler as a obstacle, based water didn't had a destructible obstacle i made the sprinkler, in that case its not like a real life sprinkler, it was kinda based on the Splatoon ones, at least based they rotate and spew something around them.
  • The Stomping Segmentant and in first place the whole Segmentant family are based on the Bramball that debuts in the New Super Mario Bros Wii that moves in the same way.
  • ...And as well, the Glass Bell is based on the Thwomp a recurring enemy from the Super Mario Bros. games, which does the same thing, however, the Glass Bell is closer to the Flying Thwomp which can move unlike the normal variant until it falls, like the Glass Bell.
  • The first time i mentioned the Bulbmin rework was before on a section i then removed, well, i already thought on do that. But the addition of the Glow Pikmin which took the Bulbmin's old traits speed that up.
  • The weapons of the Supreme Dweevil were as well mentioned before, however it was only named the Titan Dweevil before, but it had those many weapons, as well as the early Giant Rider which used to be a yo-yo rather than a remote-controlled toy car.
  • On the Pikmin 2... Again?'s Pikmin list, it is based on the Walking Golden Pikpik Carrot's statistics, which they are all as average, no resistances or unique traits, so that's why i put those stuffs on each one like "something, still something, also something, yet again something."
  • The stickers are really based on the stamps from the Super Mario 3D World, as well as the collectibles of same name from Kirby: Planet Robobot. As well, i made this feature due to the fact i didn't wanted to spoil players of all appearing Pikmin, unlike other box arts showing every Pikmin (excluding Pikmin 4 which don't has the Glow Pikmin, maybe a reference to the Bulbmin which also didn't appeared on the box art, but for Glow Pikmin its cause the box art for Pikmin 4 passes on the day so it couldn't be in there.

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