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Darryl Omg is my Pikipedia account, trust me, its on Pikipedia too

The Pikmin
Rainbow Pikmin.jpg
Name The Pikmin
Gender On my view, probably the plant gender or something, but first i thought as genderless
Age The time they are still alive
Eye color Unknown
Hair color N/A
Home planet PNF-404
Known related characters None

A random user, also, known as Paintsoldier (Fandom). Not some my ideas may be the best but i use some references to stuffs and make ideas not much like the rest, but i also try to make references on their names or stuffs, for example, the Blikmin, spefically the Pikumin cuz it was merged to there by Soundwave, anyways, back to the thing, the Pikumin is based on the one Pikmin japanese name (see below) or any other thing. I was also named JuiceShardy which i asked and fortunately got changed, like, i put it instead of Darryl Omg and regret quickly. I'm also working on the game Pikmin 2... Again?. And for now this is the page amount, the articles in that case being of 5,212. And the one who thinks Pikmin: Dusk and Dawn sounds good, but also like most others. And someone who likes a lot the White Pikmin. I don't see Louie as that of a main antagonist though, not that much at least. Also, i have big plans on the sleeves for the next april fools hehe.

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Knockback explanation - Deflowering explanation - Hit rate explanation - Every hazard color

Pikmin 2... Again? info

And it continues, and still with the "2" in the name.
This article or section pertains to Pikmin 2... Again?, a fanon game created by Darryl Omg.

Imagine your Pikmin 2 but as a non-canon sequel, this time on a debt of not 33000 but much more, 50000, and as if 10000 wasn't already much on Pikmin 2. But much more, like Louie for some reason sleeping, damn the guy just fell from the cockpit and already got on sleep mode, next to the Onion of course. But some difficult added and more puzzle elements, well, when you knew there's the Pesky Grabbit its at least one thing to know why.

To do

  • Pikmin 4 had many obstacles wind geysers which actually like replaced our old water geyser which are now our enemies, fire geyser again, Jacob's ladder, and... A weird dirt-like thing that releases poison which seems like what replaces the gas pipes not i know whatever this thing is, but based none those listed even put a message on the screen which notifies you it was been destroyed don't help much based usually due to this fact we don't even know what's the name of each of those then, the official ones at least. So maybe make those soon.
  • I to make more sand enemies.
  • Populate most my older or other ideas, if those i can make other hazard-using versions.
  • Get more ideas for Pikmin 2... Again? and finish it finally.
  • A surprise when april fools come...

Idea Trivias

  • I'm brazilian.
  • I'm male, i use They/Them, He/Him and or He/They. I'm also asexual.
  • White Pikmin and Rock Pikmin, and as well as Winged Pikmin are cute to me. But White is more in that case, for me again.
  • I made this account on 26 march of 2023 (actually at the same day i made my Pikipedia account, though this one was easier becasue there wasn't that thing of waiting a day for edit at least), and already knew how to edit, maybe by some things... Anyways. Which then i stopped simply for a good time before a comeback then in 11 april, and then coming back again in 29 may. To just to get basically more active than ever to how it is for now.
  • I usually like to see the information when they made the accounts or what were the edits of new users that join, or just wait to see what they'll do in that case, too. But the funniest part was when i looked to see when Cheepy-Cheepy, i instead pressed at one but without the "-", which was basically a copy of Cheepy which simply existed there and put a message on their wall calling them a impostor, the block was quick no doubt. I wonder what more i can find looking for those older stuffs that this wiki had on its story.
  • My favorite colros are purple and pink, but i hate no colors.
  • I like cute stuffs in fact.
  • My friend userbox the {{DarrylFriend}} has a easter egg, so, you see the three colors on it, turquoise, reddish-purple and navy blue, those three actually are based on the three colors of poison, including the one of my fanon game, the turquoise in my [[File:P4 White Pikmin.png]] and the reddish-purple on the text, and the navy blue poison's color from my Pikmin 2 Again as the border. Oh, and the Hey! Pikmin one which is the REALLY purple in lake forms and as scrapped in Pikmin 3.
  • The Helmit family is a mix of "hermit" of hermit crab and "helmet" becasue well, those things no doubt will handle many bonks or in that case every, and the "hermit" becasue... Becasue i don't know actually.
  • The Pikumin's name reference the japanese translated name of the Pikmin which is the same thing as its name.
  • The buds and flowers of the new Pikmin types introduced in Pikmin 2 Again are reused from the unused ones for the Winged and Rock Pikmin in Pikmin 3 which were meant to be blue.
  • Pikmin 2... Again? was supposed to pass after Pikmin 4 until i realized in like Pikmin 3 the Hocotate Ship died a long time (or in that case wrecked).
  • The Salgun family is a mix of "salmon" and "gun", not i'm saying i thought Gatling Groink was a salmon, but salmons are also fishes, so i found a chance to make that name for that family.
  • The Guumlix's name is based on gum, based on how that thing is. And the "lix" becasue all of the Goolix family have that on the name, and then the two "u" on the name is also on how they all have two of those letters on their name.
  • My least favorite canon hazard is the confusion.
  • The Flinghorn family members were meant to work different, they would instead be able to charge at Pikmin knocking them back, but i decided to not to make it, which coincidence, then they made the Tusked Blowhog which was similar to my original idea, which really made me leave the Flinghorns scrapped, they didn't even had a name before. Until i got a new idea, them just launching you up, and this ended into it finally getting made finally. Ah and if you wonder when i thought on the idea, it was like when i started to make enemy pages, like the Leafwing Beetle, the Dusty Cottonflight, actually the Flinghorn was meant to be made after the Leafwing but i scrapped it.
  • Wither was meant to never have a own page, instead as exclusive from Wither Progg until i got more ideas.
  • The names of the four first areas from Pikmin 2... Again? are based on the four Pikmin types that debut on this game.
  • Dark Pikmin's thing of their flower stages focusing on damage not speed was based on the fact i first thought maturity increased damage not speed.
  • The main reason why i rename and remade the Glow seed was becasue how there was the glowseed and how the stuffs of inventory already got removed in Pikmin 2 Again for sound too OP, so i made them as instead as sparkles then, which were more of a "Use it if you have courage" more than the type of just throwing and adding them.
  • The Froggy Long Legs' name may seem strange, cuz its not a frog, well, the "Froggy" means like a frog, but in that case referencing its long tongue and how it gets on water places, and the "Long Legs" i don't think i need to explain.
  • Wither used to be sea brown which was a black but not that black simply, but i thought to change it. Which i changed its color to a black, but also greenish.
  • The genus of the Squortle family, Pseudosus, the "pseudo" means fake, referencing on how they mimic Blowhogs in most physical features but more of a ranged attack, and "Sus" is for pig like from the Blowhog family genus.
  • Brown Pikmin is based on the flying squirrels, but also most its mechanics such as clinging on walls, gliding, are all based on the flying squirrel Mario from the New Super Mario Bros. series.
  • The main reason why i made the Meggpie family was cuz there had no enemies based on moths that were more insectoid. Which again, was before the Snowfake Fluttertail. But i gave them a unique thing of acting different depending on who it is.
  • Twigbug family member names are based on how climbing sticks used to be called twigs by fans until Pikmin 3.
  • The Buzztraw family has that name not cuz of traws, its a pun of "Buzz" from the sounds mosquitos make and "Straw", "Where's the 'S' then?", well, its based on how it is spelled, which at a point those "Z" sounds like "S" then.
  • I always think games putting Glow Pikmin and Bulbmin on the same game but instead of changing any of them just putting both are the same resistant to all hazards are horrible ideas.
  • Each color of flitterbie in Pikmin 2... Again? represents a Pikmin type. Excluding the Bulbmin and the Mushroom Pikmin. But as well as the game's Unmarked Spectralid.
  • If you are wondering, my username was basically based on the Darryl from Brawl Stars, not i'm a fan of this game anymore or even play it, but i used this name for so many times i now just decided to anyways using it at this point.
  • Bulbmin's trait of being undetected by enemies and to not to be even eaten is based on how in the Pikmin series the enemies can't even harm eachother or even interact with eachother (usually), but also how i thought it would be weird of a Bulborb eating a Bulbmin based they are like both the same specie technically, and specially the adult Bulbmin that can eat your Bulbmins from the squad, not forgetting that so that's the ultimate reason why then.
  • Some times i got weird dreams, like, one was even had bigger green Dwarf Bulborbs and that's already crazy in first place.
  • Actually, from my start, Green and Brown Pikmin were my first ones made so they get the title of the two veterans (when i say that i mean, something that was there on the first creation, or also on the first game or thing, this is what i prefer to call as). But the Blooming Sliturnip gets the place as the first enemy i made.
  • Blooming Sliturnip was meant to be a final boss which was based on the Berserk Leech Hydroe which was also like a plant you know, in that case that's why you see it got a phase two, but i scrapped the idea and just replaced it by the Supreme Dweevil, the Blooming now as the Midnight Ruins's Flower Valley final floor boss, but its phase two will remain, this time on its second appearance in Nightmare Den.
  • Speaking of Nightmare Den also, its name is the opposite of the Dream Den and instead of dream it is nightmare. Well, when i think about it the difficult also would make the name fit based that thing has monstrous 30 floors, and the Supreme Dweevil that has one of the arsenal of more of 20 weapons which would take a big time boss fights actually. So better i just to add lots, LOTS of Flashpetals for compensate at least maybe.
  • The main reason i nerfed (oe in that case for the Ice Pikmin also did some changes), or in that case a balancing, at least a bit, it was becasue both were OP as i knew, but i was also going to put those two on my game, so what i did was to balance them but also to not to become a garbage at least. Becasue well, my plans were to make Pikmin 2 Again very hard so that just yet another reason.
  • Spiny Long Legs gets mentioned on Froggy Long Legs' Olimar's notes, which is a reference to the older concept of the Froggy Long Legs which instead could impale enemies with its footpad-less legs but still the tongue, but wasn't meant to live in watery places and in lily pads. Until i got the final idea, the newer Froggy Long Legs which was finally really amphibious, but i then mentioned the older concept now as Spiny Long Legs on its notes as a long-extinct specie, which evolved into our Froggy Long Legs. Actually, same was for the Glowling, it doesn't appears but is as a mention, this time as a also extinct specie that evolved to the Gloomstools, i thought on that becasue both were similar and taller, just some differences.
  • In only many months i managed to do many stuffs, and look i just existed but then suddenly got ultra more active to make more of 1600 edits and lots pages and the one fanon game Pikmin 2 Again.
  • The Pikmin 2 Again idea was becasue i thought on making what if Pikmin 4 had more difficult and stuffs, well, not it has everything from Pikmin 4 also, but it does have some enemies from Pikmin 4. But also i thought on a better Pikmin 2, in that case, a sequel but on that timeline of Pikmin 2, but again and retaining the "2".
  • Hocotate Ship's note for Swallowander it was going to say if it ate sparklium treasure, but was interrupted, this refrences to the fact Pikmin 2 Again has no sparklium so this couldn't be finished for good reasons. But also it references how it seems most enemies even the Porquillion which don't have mouth seemed to have eaten treasures basically.
  • The Original Pikmin is based on the Pikmin type seen on one single of Olimar's voyage log from Pikmin 1 which some include a mysterious Pikmin with no special physical features seen. I thought on it as the first Pikmin EVER to exist then in that case but also becasue i would like to actually make it a new type. Based on how a Pikmin type with just to not to have no physical features is unique, so i imagine for that they could be as the first type, but then other different types started to exist and stuffs.
  • Glass Bell was meant to kill Pikmin that got inside it with a so louyd ring that they die. I scrapped this for good reasons.
  • The main reason for my Bulbmin rework was for obvious reasons, based there's Glow Pikmin, i won't just make the Bulbmin just like as in the previous game, or else it would be just a copy of the Glow Pikmin, though most peoples just did that thing of making both the same thing but in different places to get. So just to not to make it like that, i of course reworked it, in that case, first of all, i got based on this fact that on the game the enemies always ignored and couldn't harm eachother, and Bulbmin is a Red Bulborb, so i thought to make the Bulbmin resistant entirely to be eaten, but with a HP which they can lose by many ways which it can recover but if to zero they die, and can bit enemies, but less powerful on caves, well, i gave Bulbmin less stuffs that i'll in that case make them able to be brought out of cavesm oh and also, Bulbmins are slower.
  • Wither is based on those status effect stuffs from RPGs but modified to the Pikmin games' style.
  • Cakeslide's name was making to be "Slidecake", but i thought to just reverse it to "Cakeslide", basically, i imagine all legged shellcake could have this name who knows.

Future and possible next pages to make