From Pikmin Fanon

hmmmm.what to say... I have a different idea to you guys.

please help me with a plot for my game! till then ciao!

new forms of pikmin:

green pikmin

has large red eyelids. is resistant to crushing.

grey pikmin

has a round nose and crosses for eyes. this resemble a clown. it will fly like an onion when it has a flower.

turquoise pikmin

has a sweat band around its head. when killed its ghost returns to the can do little in water without drowning but walk through it.

black pikmin

has a thistle for a flower. if you incur damage it ups in power.

pink pikmin

this small pikmin has no body, just a head, arms and legs. if you are attacked they will go in to a tantrum and start to explode.

brown pikmin

these pikmin have small leaves for hands. they can build dirt-walls to protect from enemies like a man-at-legs.

more will be added soon!