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All My Pikmin Ideas

Coal pikmin: dark and heavy this pikmin is very strong and hefty, but it is also fast. Gas pikmin: super-fast and sturdy this pikmin is resistant to poison, and fire and can be thrown very high. Neon pink pikmin: i may seem a little "girly" with this pikmin's name but it is very light weight and can be thrown very far. they are also decently strong. NectarMin: its basically a yellow pikmin without ears and can carry nectar to all of your pikmin. Bone pikmin: a greyish-white pikmin that carry's a bone, it is stronger than a purple pikmin but, it does not have the strength of "10 pikmin. Wood pikmin, wooden pikmin that are very agile and sturdy, they are as strong as a purple pikmin and they have the strength of "5 pikmin" Clay pikmin: resistant to poison, and explosions, when an enemy try's to eat it the clay pikmin melts and then re-assembles itself when the enemy is gone. Turtle pikmin: a pikmin that has a sturdy shell, therefor the pikmin cannot be eaten, if the enemy try's to swallow it, the enemy will choke the pikmin back out and will lose 1.5% of health. it is also a bit stronger than red pikmin. Golden pikmin: resistant to everything, but has no onion and can only be found every 50 days on the impact site. Silver pikmin: resistant to nothing, but it is as strong as a purple pikmin and can be thrown high. violet pikmin: resistant to explosions and can be thrown through walls. brown pikmin: can dig under ground and re-plant its self in the soil if an enemy try's to eat it. frost pikmin: resistant to the void and water (splashes of water it still can't swim) and can freeze enemy's crystal pikmin: resistant to fire, electricity, and poison, its a little op, but it cant be thrown high This has been P2 Breadbug icon.png DonoPik, Yellow Pikmin master!