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What the f....

Hello. It's really me Pikpik cARROTS. I just decided to change a little(including my username). Now obviously if i was here a longer time, i wouldn't have done this. If anybody wants my old username, have it, Just tell a admin or something. They can probably do something... I AM ALSO FOUND ON: [[1]]

--THE NEW--Dark Bulborb.png Dark Bulborb.pngGoldencARROTSDark Bulborb.png Dark Bulborb.png--Pikpik cARROTS


  • Enemy:Armored cannon beetle
  • Food: Pizza
  • Game: Pikmin 2
  • System: Wii
  • Kind of pikmin: red
  • Caption: Olimar
  • Day of the week: Sunday
  • Color: Orange
  • Hobby: RC
  • Friends(on this wikia): Pikmin fan 101 and Snakeboss14
  • Band: Rush
My favorite games(that i have):
  • Pikmin 1
  • Pikmin 2
  • GH Metallica
  • GH WT
  • GH Aerosmith
  • Zelda
  • Mario kart
  • Mario galaxy
  • Burnout Paradise 2
  • NFS Series
  • Excite Bots
  • Excite Trucks
  • Wii etc.(ex. Wii sports)
  • NHL 05(cube)
  • Lego Indy, Batman, and Star Wars
  • We Ski
  • Spider man 3(Wii)

....Those are are the games that i like(out of 33 that i have).


  • PIKMIN 3
  • NFS nitro/shift
  • Mario Galaxy 2
  • Super Mario bros wii
  • Wii resort
  • Rabbits go home
  • Gh Van Halen
  • Lego rock band

...and some others which i can't think of right now