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I am the GreatBulborb! Bulborbs are the supreme race! Bow down before my might! --GreatBulborb (talk) 09:26, 21 November 2017 (EST)

My name is GreatBulborb. I am a strong supporter of the Pikmin Fangame Engine by Espyo, which allows anyone's fangames to become a reality. I am, in truth, terrible at real pikmin games, as I lose about half my pikmin each day. I fancy myself to be an ecologist, a master of the pikmin environments. Call me insane, but I think of bulborbs as magnificient creatures, completely worthy of my respect. They are also rather fun to ride (via a glitch in the original pikmin games).

My pikmin fangame idea is Pikmin World, where olimar has decided to study the pikmin ecology in depth, and returns to find the planet infected with a strange virus; the Red Plague.