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I'm just a big fan of pikmin who has always wanted to be a game designer and writer. I am really excited about Pikmin 3 but ask 1 question: WHY HAS IT TAKEN THEM SEVEN YEARS TO MAKE PIKMIN 3!!!!!!!!!

You may not edit any of my work without permission. You can send me messages about editing or about any ideas you want to submit.

Name: ?????? ?????

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Favourite Pikmin (Pikmin 1 and 2): Blue Pikmin/Yellow Pikmin/White Pikmin

Favourite Enemy: Breadbug (I hate killing them!!!)

Favourite Location (Pikmin 1 and 2): Awakening Wood/Wistful Wild

Favourite Character (Pikmin 1 and 2): Olimar

Games: Pikmin - Jungle Adventure

Jungle Pikmin
Scientific name Jungle Pikmin
Resistance None
Attack High
Mobility Low
Throw N/A
Digging speed Average
Carrying capacity 2,000
Candypop None

Pikmin - Jungle Adventure

Pikmin - Jungle Adventure is a sequal to Pikmin describing Olimar's adventures with his family in a great Jungle Paradise infested with hostile species and Olimar's Greatest Friends; the Pikmin.

Much of this story is not recorded on this wiki but rather in my word documents. You cannot view these documents but from time-to-time the info will be added to the wiki.

Pikmin Jungle Adventure Questions

Who is Sleepy? - Sleepy is a new Protagonist in the Pikmin - Jungle Adventure series. His Antenna light is Yellow and he is the head chef (and only chef) on Olimar's Ship.

Where is Olimar's Wife? - Olimar's Wife decided to stay home rather than travelling with her husband and kids. She says 'I'm too young for Adventure.'

Why were Brown Pikmin removed? - All Pikmin in Pikmin - Jungle Adventure have their own Onions and six is ideal since there are now two types of changing pellet posies distinguished by the colour of their petals. Each pellet posy can change between three colours of Pikmin.

What is a Jungle Pikmin

A Jungle Pikmin is encountered in Pikmin Jungle Adventure but is not part of your battalion. Jungle Pikmin are colossal beasts the size of an index finger making them larger than all other Pikmin. They are a critically endangered species due to the large amount of pollution in the jungle and are suffering because of it. If Olimar and his friends and family cannot stop the pollution them the Jungle Pikmin will go extinct.

Jungle Pikmin can be seen off the map at random locations at specific times. Your first encounter with one is in The Rainfall Jungle where you see one taking a shower under a palm tree. You can hear them from far distances and can see them by pressing the D-PAD Left on the Wii until it is at olimar's height.

Current Work

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Pikmin: Jungle Adventure - Pikmin Types

Pikmin: Jungle Adventure - Locations

Pikmin: Jungle Adventure - Enemy List (Comming Soon!)

Pikmin: Jungle Adventure - Treasure List (Comming Soon!)

Pikmin: Jungle Adventure - Cave/Tree Dugout/Nest List (Comming Soon!)

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